Contributors to “Jackson Family Stories” receive FREE copy

For the Jackson Brigade Reunion 2014 at Jackson’s Mills in July, Dan Hyde is compiling a booklet on Jackson Family Stories.  He plans to collect, edit, print, and distribute the booklets at the Reunion.  At the Reunion, he plans to sell the booklets at the cost of the printing.  Those who can’t attend the Reunion will be able to order a copy after the Reunion with an additional cost for postage.


As of May 24th I have received a bunch of stories from six (6) contributors.  All of the stories have been great and fascinating to read!   Friends and family will cherish these stories for years!


However, I know there are MANY more stories waiting to be written and submitted.  Therefore, get out your pen and paper (keyboard) and write them down!   Send them in!


To encourage more contributions, each contributor receives one copy of the booklet for FREE.


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  • Dan – I’m trying to locate an email for Linda Brake Myers. We have not been in touch for about ten years and I’ve moved locations. I need her permission for a short except I’ve included in a document for Stonewall Jackson of the prominent Jackson family members. What I’ve just completed is retyping a manuscript on Stonewall written by H.H. Smith and have added photos, documents of census records, misc documents and other info to bring the manuscript to life. There are a number of oil painting photos available through the internet and those have been inserted giving the name of the artist along with his other photos. I’d like to be in touch with Linda if you can help me.

    Sincerely – Donna Moon

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