Jackson Family Stories Book for Sale

Jackson Family Stories book now available for sale.  $10 per copy plus $2.50 postage.  Contains fifty precious Jackson Family stories!


As part of the 2014 Jackson Brigade Reunion, Dan Hyde solicited from Jackson Family members stories of their childhood, relatives, or ancestors.  The goal was to capture these stories before they are gone.  Fifteen people contributed fifty stories to form a valuable collection.  The stories are charming and will be cherished by friends and relatives for many years to come.


Dan has compiled the stories into a booklet that has 76 pages containing 71 pictures of which 45 are in color.  For durability and the ability to lie flat, the booklet is spiral bound (wire coil).  Booklets will be available for sale at the Reunion and cost $10.  Individuals may order a copy by mail at $10 plus $2.50 for postage from Dan Hyde, 235 Stein Lane, Lewisburg, PA 17837.  Make check out to Dan Hyde.


Dan Hyde
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  • Dan
    I hope you still have some books. I would like 1 or 2 books.
    I am a descendant from John Wesley Jackson.
    My close cousin John C. Jackson was the author of many books and attended the Brigade regularly.
    Please let me know if your book is available.
    Thank you.
    Donna Bride Firestone

  • Hi Dan, My mother was Margaret Jackson, the daughter of Julian, the son of Andrew Lee, the son of Ephraim, the son of Gabriel.

    I found this site after a year of work on Brownings, Greens, and Jacksons. It has been a daunting task–this seems like a pot of gold. Each family was located along Sherman’s March to the Sea. Julian went to AL and then his wife remarried and they went to Ft. Myers, FL where Margaret grew up with a stepfather. NOONE ever discussed family except those that lived nearby. I had to use military records of my Uncle who had changed his name unofficially from Jerry (post WWI) to Albert w/o telling anyone. A death certificate revealed that. It was some of the most difficult research I have ever done. It has certainly enlivened and enriched my retirement. I am now in the thick of it all. My mother, Margaret, married a Norwegian against her family’s wishes. He was not only a Yankee, but a foreigner to boot. I learned to fight early with the name, Sigrid Klinkenberg. Mother named my brother’s Michael and Nick. I am going to send you a check for 3 books. You seem to be the Captain of the Brigade here.

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