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John George Jackson


From History of West Virginia and the People (The Lee Line). (III)
“Hon. John George Jackson, son of Colonel George Jackson, was born near Buckhannon, Virginia, in 1774, died at Clarksburg, March 29, 1825. While he was still small he came with his father to Clarksburg. He received a liberal education for the times, and entered public life at an early age, being a member of the legislature by 1797. He was in 1793 appointed surveyor of government lands west of the Ohio, and was a member of all United States congresses from the eighth to the fourteenth inclusive, except the twelfth. Further he was a brigadier general of militia, and in 1819 he was appointed United States judge for the western district of Virginia, in which office he served until his death. His public career was one of marked ability, and it is said that he was the most remarkable man west of the mountains. In business, too, his interests were of the most varied character; he established many enterprises and developed the resources of the country to a degree truly surprising. He married (first) in the Executive Mansion, Washington, D. C., Mary, daughter of John and Mary (Coles) Payne, who was born about 1781, died February 13, 1808. Her sister was the wife of the president of the United States. the famous Dolly Madison, and this wedding was the first celebrated in the White House. John George Jackson married (second) Sophia, daughter of Return Jonathan Meigs (see Meigs). By his first marriage there was a daughter, Mary, who married Judge John Allen, of Virginia, and a son, John Jay, of whom further. By the second marriage there was a son, James Madison, of whom further. ”


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