Bethany Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist Church is a short drive from Doug and Ann Bush’s home in the small unincorporated settlement of Hall, WV. It’s the church that Doug and Ann attend today. And many of Henry Jackson descendants have attended the church.

JB Reunion 2014 073

JB Reunion 2014 074Bethany Baptist Church in Hall, WV

JB Reunion 2014 075


JB Reunion 2014 076Mary Jane Hyde and Patty Mace Leonard

JB Reunion 2014 077Interior of Bethany Baptish Church

What is Steve Jackson doing?

JB Reunion 2014 080

JB Reunion 2014 078

JB Reunion 2014 079

Gayle Robey pics 01Roxanne Fuller with mother Cleta Fuller and Roxanne’s sister Jamie William Fuller.  Photo by Gayle Robey.

Cookie bag 01At the Bethany Baptist Church we were treated to ice cold bottled water and homemade cookies by Rose Powell and Della Williams.

In the previous picture, you can see the Fuller family with water bottles and full cookie bags.   Sorry this bag is empty.  I ate them all!

Cookie Recipes

Gayle Robey pics 02

Nancy’s nephew Tim Jackson and wife Pam; Steve Jackson, son of Bill; Bill Jackson, brother of Nancy; and Nancy Jackson

Photo by Gayle Robey.

JB Reunion 2014 081

The Buckhannon River across the road from Bethany Baptist Church



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