Dr. Lively’s Talk

The Banquet speaker was Dr. Mathew W. Lively who gave a talk about the wounding and death of Stonewall Jackson. He is the author of Calamity at Chancellorsville: The Wounding and Death of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.  Before his talk, Dr. Lively sold copies of his book and signed them.   Here is a link to his book on Amazon.com.

JB Reunion 2014 178Dr. Bruce Chase introduced our speaker Dr. Mathew W. Lively.

JB Reunion 2014 179

JB Reunion 2014 180

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JB Reunion 2014 182

JB Reunion 2014 185      After Dr. Lively’s talk, Bruce Chase presents Dr.Lively with a painting of Stonewall Jackson by John Chase.

JB Reunion 2014 186As appreciation for his talk, Nancy Jackson presents Dr. Lively with a print of Stonewall Jackson kneeling

over his daughter’s crib, made from the painting “Stonewall’s Love” by artist Marvin Stalnaker.


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