Family Stories Booklet

Request for Jackson Family Stories


For the Jackson Brigade Reunion 2014 at Jackson’s Mills in July, I’m compiling a booklet on Jackson Family Stories.  I plan to collect, edit, print, and distribute the booklets at the Reunion.  At the Reunion, I plan to sell the booklets at the cost of the printing.  Those who can’t attend the Reunion will be able to order a copy after the Reunion with an additional cost for postage.


This is a request for you to send me your family stories. For example, you could submit fun or exciting adventures you had as a kid.  Or stories of your children, parents, grandparents, etc.  Or humorous incidents that family members relate at every large gathering like Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Or perhaps you have written personal memoirs of when you were a child. All are acceptable! My goal is to capture some of these old family stories before they’re gone.


As of May 24th, I have received a bunch of stories from six (6) contributors.  All of the stories have been great and fascinating to read!   Friends and family will cherish these stories for years!


However, I know there are MANY more stories waiting to be written and submitted.  Therefore, get out your pen and paper (keyboard) and write them down!  Send them in!


To encourage more contributions, each contributor receives one copy of the booklet for FREE.


Please submit your stories to me at by June 30, 2014.  There is a limit of 10 pages per contributor. At least one person in the story should be a descendant of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins.  Part of each submission should identify the family members in the story, how they are related to the submitter, and how related to John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins.  If you need it, I can help you identify the lineage back to John Jackson.


Photographs of people in your story are encouraged but not required.  Send me photographs in jpeg format as email attachments.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    Dan Hyde
    570-524-9994 (Home)
    570-577-1281 (Office – has voice mail)



Here is a sample family story of the kind I’m requesting.  

Rowland, Mary, Peg, Stewart, and Johnny Hall about 1930


The Sun Dress
Told by Mary (Hall) Hyde to her son Dan Hyde
(Mary Hall Hyde7, Charles Rowland Hall6, John Elijah Hall5, Mary Elizabeth Arnold4, Prudence Jackson3, George Jackson2, John Jackson1)


When Mary was about seven, her brothers Rowland and Johnny dared her to go swimming in the nude.  She did and Johnny grabbed her clothes and ran into woods with them.  Unfortunately, in the chase that followed, Johnny dropped and lost Mary’s sundress with straps.  Quite a predicament!  Only clothes she had were a pair of panties.  How to go home and face Mom?
Fortunately, Mary’s Mom had made her two dresses just alike.  While Mary hid in the bushes, Johnny went into the house and found the other dress.  Several days later while combing the woods, they found the first dress.  They told their Mom “after the fact.”