Catharine “Katrana” Jackson

Descendants of Catharine “Katrana” Jackson

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Generation No. 1


1.  Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson (George2, John1) was born Bet. 13 September – December 1781 in (West) Virginia, and died Bef. 14 February 1860 in probably Harrison County, (West) Virginia. She is probably buried in the Historic Jackson Cemetery. In 1850 Catherine was age 68, living next to the Lurty family with a young black giirl, Alice, age 6. On 26 August 1800 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia she married Dr. William Williams. They were married by Rev. George Towers.  The date of the marriage has been disputed but is near correct:  In a letter dated 25 September 1800 from John George Jackson to Dolly Madison, he mentions that his sister had married Dr. Williams. He was born 26 March 1765 in Reading, Pennsylvania, and died 27 April 1850 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia. She is most likely buried in the Historic Jackson Cemetery. He died at age 85y1m1d. Burial: Aft. 27 April 1850, Historic Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg, West Virginia.


Notes on Dr. Williams from David Houchin, Librarian at Waldomore Library, Clarksburg, WV:

“On December 16th of that year (1850) Dr. Williams received a deed from George Arnold for a lot at the foot of Pike Street, on its north side, formerly a brickyard.  Later deeds identify this as his home site.

In 1801 and 1804 Williams bought two Main Street lots from his brother-in-law, John G. Jackson; one of these was presumably the office location.  As a son-in-law, Williams received a part of George Jackson’s Limestone Creek tract (now just outside the city limits) and later owned the Jackson mill property in Clarksburg.

The general picture we have of early Clarksburg seems to establish Dr. Williams and the Rev. Towers as the leading figures in what intellectual life there was in the town.  Henry Haymond published a recollection by the Rev. John Scripps of his time as an apprentice at the local tannery from 1803 to 1808, which has little to say about the tanner’s trade but a lot to tell about the social climate.  Because of his natural gifts Scripps was taken up by Rev. Towers and his wife: “They gave me access to their large and select library.”  Scripps also says that Dr. Williams, “the most literary man in the community, found me out and often visited me.”  “I left the place against the strongest remonstrance’s of my friends…for I had a gratuitous induction into either of the three professions of law, medicine or divinity.”

In the year Scripps left Clarksburg James McCally arrived, who had trained elsewhere to be a maker of beaver hats.  He was similarly recruited, married Dr. Williams’s daughter, and became first a lawyer and later a doctor.

If Towers and Williams were holding open the door to divinity and medicine, it should have been the Jackson family–with whom both were closely allied–who recruited men to be attorneys.  But there’s something unclear in this.

Dorothy Davis in her life of John George Jackson speculates that his father, George, may have qualified as an attorney in the county of Monongalia before the formation of Harrison–the Monongalia records being lost and the question hard to settle.  Named to be a magistrate in the new county in 1784, George Jackson would have been prohibited from practicing law in Harrison’s court, but not in the other courts of the region, and a paper may someday surface proving he did.  Until such evidence appears I want to propose an alternative: George Towers, Oxford graduate, was the best-educated man in the village and had a large library.  Might he have been the one to tutor likely candidates, even in the law?  John George Jackson was the first of the county’s homegrown attorneys, and he held Towers in high regard.”


Roy Bird Cook collection: A & M 1561; Vol 53-56; p. 12 Vol. 56, West Virginia University Library:

“Dr. William Williams d. April 27, 1850 Clarksburg, age 85yrs. one month, one day, early physician and oldest person in community…came from Pennsylvania. Made his 1st real estate purchase Dec. 16, 1800, lot from George Arnold…married Catherine, d/o George Jackson 26 Aug. 1800.  She died prior to the appraisement of her personal estate Feb. 14, 1860.  Dr. William was the father of at least 3 children: George I., John W. and Catherine, w/o Beverly W. Lurty.”


Dr. Williams obit taken from unknown collection:

“Died in Clarksburg, Virginia, on the 27th day of April 1850

DR. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, aged 85 years, 1 month and 1 day.  He emigrated here from Pennsylvania whilst the thin and ????population of North Western Virginia was still trembling from the horrors of a recent border warfare – whilst the Indians knife and fire were yet familiar themes at its hearthstones.  Dr. Williams was a man of deep and philosophic mind – of bold and original views of nature and of human life.  Could all the abstruse speculations which passed through his brain in all the years of his inactive old age – after the vigorous intellect had been withdrawn from the affairs of this world – have been embodied in form, there is but little doubt that his survivors might have been amazed by his strength of his conclusions and benefited by their truth.

Affectionate and gentle, harmless and good as he has been useful and industrious, successful and learned in his noble profession, it is not his family and relatives alone who feel his loss, or in whose hearts his memory will be cherished.  He has gone from our sight like a hoary tree which falls before the breeze in the night-time. Our eyes will long look in vain for his familiar form and turn to the place made vacant to learn at last the reality of Death and decay.  His death-bed was the death-bed of a philosopher, the death-bed of a Christian.  The flame of his life had consumed its clay, he had lived his allotted time and bowed meekly to the mandate of his God, not repining but grateful for the Divine mercy which had permitted him to see his children’s children even unto the third generation.

As the star which sinks beneath the Ocean’s horizon is neither darkened or destroyed but gone only from our vision to illumine another sphere, the relatives of the deceased have consolation in the sublime faith that the soul of the departed husband, father, friend, is even now expanding in that region “fairer than prophets ever told” – is rejoicing on those solemn shores “where mortal footsteps hath not been.”


History of Medicine in Harrison County, Hess, Alice Jo, says that Dr. Williams came to Clarksburg in 1791 and is “credited with being the first physician to locate permanently in Clarksburg to practice his profession”. He would have been 26 at the time. (Houchin, David, 24 July, 2002 communication to Nancy Jackson)

Children of Catharine Jackson and Dr. Williams are:

2            i.   Infant4 Williams, born April 1808 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died April 1808 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia. In a letter to Dolly Madison on 8 May 1808, John George Jackson noted that his sister had a baby in April who lived only a few days. Burial: April 1880, Possibly Historic Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg, West Virginia.

+    3           ii.   Catherine E. Williams, born 1814 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died 02 January 1897 in Harrison County, West Virginia.

+    4          iii.   Mary Jackson Williams, born about 1800 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died Bet. 1828 – 1832 in IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.


Generation No. 2


3.  Catherine E.4 Williams (Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born 1814 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died 02 January 1897 in Harrison County, West Virginia1.  She married Beverly Hooe Lurty 09 November 1830 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia2, son of Moore Lurty and Jane Roy.  He was born 1810. He was a merchant & farmer, and a member of the Constitutional Convention of West Virginia in 1872 and subsequently the Legislature.


Notes on Beverly Lurty from The Story of Sycamore 1938, by Haymond, Maxwell Senior, located at Waldomore Library, Clarksburg, West Virginia.

“About midway between the Sycamore church and the village of Wolf Summit is Lurty hill.  It bears the name of a prominent Sycamore family of the mid-nineteenth century.

Beverly H. Lurty was born about 1810.  He was listed in the census of 1850 as a merchant.  His wife’s name was Catherine.

At the request of the author of this book, a gentleman who knew the Lurtys has written a brief family sketch.  It follows:

Beverly was a man of much prominence, of fine appearance, gentlemanly, a politician, and a “good mixer.”  I do not know from whence he came but I would guess from Virginia.  He was probably a farmer, planter, slave holder.  He brought only one colored help to Sycamore – a cook and housemaid- Alice by name.  He bought a large tract of land, then virgin forest, finely timbered, at the head waters of the right hand fork of Sycamore Creek.  Quite an acreage of this tract lay over the “Lurty Hill” on the Wolf Summit or Tenmile side of the ridge.  He erected a very large portable saw mill on this tract-the first portable steam saw mill in that entire neighborhood.  As the marketable timber was converted into lumber he cleared up the land for farming purposes.  He erected a good substantial dwelling, barns, stables, sheds and shop.  He had teams of horses and oxen-everything on a large scale for that time and section.  Two of his sons were in the Confederate service-Warren and Dexter.  Warren was a commissioned officer.  During the Cleveland administration in a talk I had with Mr. Lurty, he told me he had the promise of a position in the government service as Indian Agent.  He said he was going to teach them farming from the ‘ground up’, so that they would become self supporting, industrious, honest and law-abiding citizens.  ‘The best lais plans of mice and men g’ang aft aglee’.  The appointment was not made.  He was deeply disappointed.  I thought well of Mr. Lurty-an honest, good neighbor.”


Children of Catherine Williams and Beverly Lurty are:

5            i.   George Washington5 Lurty, born Abt. 1831 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.

Notes for George Washington Lurty:

Civil War Records on George W. Lurty, Capt. Lurty’s Company VA Horse Artillery, Pvt., Confederate. He was a prisoner in hands of enemy. George W. Lurty, Com C. 31 VA Inf. Pvt. –induction; Pvt.- discharge; Confederate.

American Civil War Soldiers – George Washington Lurty (Attorney) enlisted 21 May 1861 VA, by Lt. Gen. T. J. Jackson.  Promoted to Capt. on October 3, 1863.  He was captured at Ft. Royal, Virginia, November 12, 1864.  Service record copy courtesy of Harry McNeer.

American Civil War Records; George Washington Lurty, Distinquished Service, Private 21 May 1861, at age 29. Co C 31st Inf. Reg., Injured 1 April 1862 Alleghany Mountain, WV; Jaw bone broken in fight with J. Galvin.  Hospitalized on 15 April 1862, Lynchburg, Virginia (Estimated day). Issued clothing 1 Jan 1863 and 15 Feb 1862.

+    6           ii.   Robert Dexter Lurty, born 03 April 1837 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died 01 August 1918 in Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia.

7          iii.   Warren S. Lurty, born 18 May 1839 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died 02 February 19063. He married Mary C. “Minnie” Newman 22 May 1866 in Rockingham County, Virginia; born 18 December 1844; died 05 April 1894. Both buried Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Warren was a lawyer in 1850.  He was appointed by General Grant as US District Attorney of Virginia.   “Weston Democrat”, 19 April 1890.

Civil War Service: Lurty’s Roanoke Horse Artillery Battery:  “Organized as Captain Warren S. Lurty’s Company, Virginia Horse Artillery or the Roanoke Battery on October 1863, this battery was composed of transfers from several other cavalry companies. Serving initially in the Lomax Horse Art. Bttn., and later in Major James Thomson’s Bttn Horse Arty., the battery saw action at Droop Mountain and several other battles in the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign.  The battery was nearly annihilated by causalities and personnel captured, including Captain Lurty, on November 12, 1864 at Ninevah, near Front Royal, Virginia.

Civil War Records – Warren S. Lurty: 19th VA Cav.  Adjt – induction; Adjt – discharge  Confederate.

Warren S. Lurty: Capt Garbers Co. VA Lt  Art. ; Pvt – induction; Pvt-discharge  Confederate.

1870 Census Index Rockingham County, Harrisonburg Township, p. 171: there is a Warren Lurty listed.

8          iv.   Amanda Lurty, born Abt. 1841 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died Bet. 1850 – 1860.

+    9           v.   Sarah M. “Sally” Lurty, born Abt. 1848 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.

+    10        vi.   William B. Lurty, born Abt. 1852 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia.

11       vii.   Moore Lurty, born October 1853 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died 22 July 1854 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia4.

+    12      viii.   Jackson S. Lurty, born 28 October 1854 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died 1917.


4.  Mary Jackson4 Williams (Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born Abt. 1800 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died Bet. 1828 – 1832 in IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.  She married Michael Dorsey Gittings 21 September 1824.  He was born 21 February 1796 in Montgomery County, Maryland, and died 24 February 1877 in probably Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia. Both buried IOOR Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.

(Jane Hilder, descendant says that both wives of Dr. Gittings are buried in the IOOF Cemetery.)


Child of Mary Williams and Michael Gittings is:

+    13          i.   Mary Ellen5 Gittings, born 27 March 1828 in probably Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died 10 April 1883 in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana.


Generation No. 3


6.  Robert Dexter5 Lurty (Catherine E.4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born 03 April 1837 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died 01 August 1918 in Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia. Burial: Aft. 01 August 1918, Machpelah Cemetery, Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia. He married Barbara Ann or Ellen Collins 22 November 1872 in Harrison County, West Virignia5, daughter of Maxwell Collins and Priscilla Myres.  She was born Bet. 1853 – 1855 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died 13 March 1929 in Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia. She died at age 73y7m3d of bronchial asthma/invalid.  She was listed as A. Barbara, age 65, widow, in the 1920 census with her daughter and son-in-law, W. John Fultz in Freeman’s Creek, Lewis County. Burial: Aft. 13 March 1829, Machpelah Cemetery, Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia. Robert was a civil engineer in the 1850 census for Harrison County.  He was age 30 and a laborer in the 1870 census of Harrison County.


Confederate Civil War Record: 1st Lt. in Capt. Lurty’s Company, Virginia Horse Artillery.  His record shows he was 5 ft. 9 inches with blue eyes and was a farmer in Harrison County, West Virginia.  He was arrested by the 8th Ohio Calvary on October 29, 1864 at Beverly, West Virginia and sent to Camp Chase November 3, 1864. Alias: Jorty R. Dexter. (Military Record courtesy of Harry McNeer.)

In 1900 Tygart Dist, Wood County, WV census, enumerated with wife, daughters Sallie and Catherine.

1910 Coal Dist, Harrison County, WV age 74 years.  In household is wife Barbara, age 72 years and one granddaughter, Leacie, age 18 and one granddaughter Bernice, age 8. Barbara stated that she had six children, four living.

Children of Robert Lurty and Barbara Collins are:

14          i.   Robert Jackson6 Lurty, born Abt. 1874 in Harrison County, West Virginia6; died 1917.

15         ii.   Pauline Lurty, born 01 October 1875 in Harrison County, West Virginia7.

+    16        iii.   Sallie E. Lurty, born January 1877 in Harrison County, West Virginia.

+    17        iv.   William Dexter Lurty, born Bet. 21 – 29 December 1879 in Salem, Harrison County, West Virginia.

18         v.   Kathryn Lurty, born 23 August 1884 in Harrison County, West Virginia8.

19        vi.   Georgia Lurty, born 24 June 1895 in Wolf Summit, Harrison County, West Virginia9; died 09 October 1895 in Harrison County, West Virginia10.


9.  Sarah M. “Sally”5 Lurty (Catherine E.4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born Abt. 1848 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia. She married Frank Lewis Harris 14 May 1872 in Harrison County, West Virginia, son of Alanson Harris and Sophia.  He was born 12 September 1848 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died 10 December 191111. Burial: Aft. 10 December 1911, Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Child of Sarah Lurty and Frank Harris is:

+    20          i.   Lurty Noel6 Harris, born Abt. 1874 in Virginia; died 17 September 1953 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia.


10.  William B.5 Lurty (Catherine E.4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born Abt. 1852 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia. He married Lucy H. Davidson 10 October 1878 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  She was born Abt. 1860.

He was age 8 in 1860 and age 19, laborer in 1870. In 1900 there is a W.B. Lurty age 41; b. March 1851 Virginia as head and is listed as an attorney.  No one else is in the household. The census is for Tacoma Ward 3, Pierce, Washington. (Notes for Lucy H. Davidson: Tacoma, Washington Directories, 1889-91 Record).

Name: Lucy Lurty; Location 1: 723 Quade’s Alley: City: Tacoma: State: WA:  Occupation: furnished rooms :Year: 1890.

Child of William Lurty and Lucy Davidson is:

21          i.   Mary Margaret6 Lurty, born October 1880. In the 1910 census for Tacoma, Washington, Margaret Lurty, Age in 1910: 24, Estimated birth year: abt 1886, Birthplace: Virginia: Home in 1910: 5-Wd Tacoma, Pierce, Washington.

12.  Jackson S.5 Lurty (Catherine E.4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born 28 October 1854 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died 1917.  He married (1) Susan M. Fultz 10 August 1877 in Doddridge County, West Virginia, daughter of George Fultz and Martha.  She was born Abt. 1855.  He married (2) Minnie Maxwell 24 May 1882 in Harrison County, West Virignia12, daughter of Theodore Maxwell and Clementina Davis. She was born 30 March 1864 in Harrison County, West Virginia, and died 1928. In the 1880 census for Grant District, Doddridge County, Jackson Lurty is age 24 living with wife, Susan, no children. In 1900 he is living with wife Minnie and five of his six children in Lubeck, Wood County, West Virginia. Minnie J. Lurty is heard of the household in Portsmouth City, Scioto County, Ohio in 1910. Living there are son Beverly M. 26, daughter Minnie C. 20, Mary A. 19, Florence M. Brennen 22, all born in WV, and son- in -law Joseph M. Brennen 26, born in Ohio.


Children of Jackson Lurty and Minnie Maxwell are:

22          i.   Beverly Moore6 Lurty, born 04 July 1883 in Harrison County, West Virginia; died 1942. Res. in 1930 in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio and enumerated as age 45 with occupation as gardener. Living in the household of Harry and Mary McNeer.

23         ii.   Guy George W. Lurty, born 17 August 1884 in Harrison County, West Virginia; died 1906.

24        iii.   Homer M. Lurty, born May 1886 in West Virginia.

25        iv.   Florence Maude Lurty, born September 1887 in Harrison County, West Virginia; died 1937.  She married Joseph M. Brennen; born 1884 in Ohio.

26         v.   Minnie J. Lurty, born 04 July 1889 in Wolf Summit, Harrison County, West Virginia; died 1934.

+    27        vi.   Mary Jane Lurty, born 26 September 1894 in Harrison County, West Virginia; died 1967.

13.  Mary Ellen5 Gittings (Mary Jackson4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born 27 March 1828 in probably Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died 10 April 1883 in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana13. She married John Snyder Carlile 05 March 1846 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia, son of Elizabeth Snyder.  He was born 16 December 1817 in Winchester, Virginia, and died 24 October 1878 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia. He was a lawyer and was age 42 in the 1870 census. She was head of the household, age 50, in the 1880 Harrison County, WV census. Living with her were her sons John S., age 24, lawyer, and A. Douglas, age 20, law student.  She moved to Madison, Indiana after the death of her husband, where her daughter and husband were living.  This would be Lettie C. Carlile Strader, who was married to Samuel M. Strader. Both she and John S. are buried IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.


Children of Mary Gittings and John Carlile are:

28          i.   Mary E.6 Carlile, born 04 February 1849 in Philippi, Barbour County, (West) Virginia; died 02 February 1906. Burial: Aft. 02 February 1906, IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia. Tombstone Reading:: Mary E. McCelland Carlile, d/o John Carlile. She married Charles W. Walters; born Abt. 1848 in Pennsylvania. In 1880 Charles W. Walters, age 32, born Pennsylvania and M. E. Walters, age 30, born in West Virginia as were her parents were living in Lewistown, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.  He was an author.

29         ii.   William D. Carlile, born 1851.

+    30        iii.   Lettie C. Carlile, born 1853 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died Aft. 1930 in possibly Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.

31        iv.   John S. Carlile, born 10 March 1856; died 14 February 1886. Burial: Aft. 14 February 1886, IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia

32         v.   Lucinda Carlile, born 1860 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia.

+    33        vi.   Allan Douglas Carlile, born 1859 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia; died 1914 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Generation No. 4


16.  Sallie E.6 Lurty (Robert Dexter5, Catherine E.4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born January 1877 in Harrison County, West Virginia.  She married W. John Fultz.  He was born Abt. 1862 in West Virginia.

Child of Sallie Lurty and W. Fultz is:

34          i.   H. John7 Fultz, born 1901 in West Virginia.


17.  William Dexter6 Lurty (Robert Dexter5, Catherine E.4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born Bet. 21 – 29 December 1879 in Salem, Harrison County, West Virginia.  He married Phoebe Bell Brookover, daughter of William Brookover and Elsie Whitman.  She was born 30 October 1887 in Wetzel County, West Virginia, and died December 1964.

Children of William Lurty and Phoebe Brookover are:

35          i.   Edna Mae7 Lurty, born 04 November 1909 in Adamston, Coal District, Harrison County, West Virginia.  She married Harry R. Baker 26 July 1933 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia; born 09 October 1906 in Klee, Belmont County, Ohio.


Notes for Edna Mae Lurty:

Tetrick Files: Informant Edna Mae Lurty Baker, res. Osborn, Ohio. no date.

36         ii.   Robert Evans Lurty, born 10 January 1912 in Harrison County, West Virginia; died 17 January 1989 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia.

37        iii.   James William Lurty, born 30 October 1913 in New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia; died January 1986.  He married Bessie E. b. 15 December 1911: d. November 1991. Her last residence Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana. SS issued West Virginia before 1951.

38        iv.   Phoebe Ruth Lurty, born 08 August 1922 in Ohio County, West Virginia; died 29 September 1994 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia.  She married Winters.

39         v.   Howard Persing Lurty, born 24 August 1918 in Ohio County, West Virginia; died 28 September 1999 in Lake County, Ohio.

40        vi.   Vera Rae Lurty, born 03 August 1925 in Ohio County, West Virginia.


20.  Lurty Noel6 Harris (Sarah M. “Sally”5 Lurty, Catherine E.4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born Abt. 1874 in Virginia, and died 17 September 1953 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia.  He married Katherine “Kate” Neeson Compton 14 May 1901 in Augusta County, Virginia. She was born Abt. 1880.


Marriage Notes for Lurty Harris and Katherine Compton:

Nebraska State Journal

July 9, 1901

“Kate Neeson Compton Harris asks the court to anual the marriage between herself and Lurty Nowell Harris and to restore her maiden name.  She alleges that on May 14 Harris came to her at Stanton Vt (this should probably read VA) and exhibited a marriage license that he had just secured at Harrisburg, the county seat and made her believe that she had to marry him.  The ceremony was performed and the couple separated until June 6 when Harris visited her at her sister’s residence in Washington.  They lived together 2 days when the bride found out that she had been deceived and that it had not been necessary for her to get married.”

It appears this couple remained married as in 1910 they were living in Huttonville, Randolph County, West Virginia. Lurty N. Harris was age 36, born about 1874, in Virginia, Kate was age 30, married 9 years had 2 children, living, Frank K. age 5, born WV and Katherine age 3, born WV.

In 1920 the family was living in Triadelphia County, West Virginia. Lurty was age 45, Neeson C. was age 40, Frank C. was age 14, Katherine N. was age 13 and Isablla V. was age 8. Next door was Wm. R. Compton and wife Jane A.

In 1930 they were in Wheeling WV and another child had been added to the family; Gold E. born about 1913.

Children of Lurty Harris and Katherine Compton are:

41          i.   Frank K.7 Harris, born 1906 in West Virginia.

42         ii.   Katherine N. Harris, born 1908 in West Virginia.

43        iii.   Isabella V. Harris, born 1912 in West Virginia.

44        iv.   Gold E. Harris, born 1913 in West Virginia.


27.  Mary Jane6 Lurty (Jackson S.5, Catherine E.4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born 26 September 1894 in Harrison County, West Virginia, and died 1967.  She married Harry L. McNeer 12 April 1917 in Catlettsburg, Kentucky.  He was born Abt. 1892. Three children.

30.  Lettie C.6 Carlile (Mary Ellen5 Gittings, Mary Jackson4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born 1853 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died Aft. 1930 in possibly Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.  She married Samuel M. Strader Abt. 1878, son of S. Strader and Abba.  He was born Abt. March 1844 in Indiana, and died Bet. 1920 – 1930.

In 1880, Samuel M. Strader is age 36, born in Indiana, March 1844, married 21 years. Lettie C. was born August 1857 and had been married 21 years, with 1 children, living. They were living on Cross Street. In 1920, Samuel and Lettie were still living in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana.  With them was a cook (name unclear) a roomer, Lottie Bayne? and Rosa D. Strader, her relationship was unclear, but she was from Kentucky and was their daughter-in-law. In 1930, she was a widow, age 75, born in West Virginia, living with her only child, Carlile Strader, in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Neither Lettie or Samuel are listed in the cemetery readings for Madison County, Indiana.

Child of Lettie Carlile and Samuel Strader is:

48          i.   Carlile7 Strader, born 05 April 1883 in Indiana14; died 17 October 1946 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.  He married Rosa Dickerson Abt. 1918; born 1877 in Indiana. In 1930 he was age 46, married at age 31, a salesman for a motor company in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky on Bonny Castle Road.  No issue. His wife Rosa D. was age 43, born in Indiana. Her mother, Frances D. Dickerson was living with them, age 68, widow, born in Indiana.


33.  Allan Douglas6 Carlile (Mary Ellen5 Gittings, Mary Jackson4 Williams, Catharine “Katrana”3 Jackson, George2, John1) was born 1859 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died 1914 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He married Margaret Eliza Weyer bef. 1893.  She was born 09 October 1864 in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana.


Notes for Allan Douglas Carlile:

He was a law student in 1880, but later became a minister.  He received a call to the Troop Avenue Presbyterian Church in Indiana, Pennsylvania in 1906, and was serving the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church in Pittsburg at the time.  There is one of his sermons on-line in the Indiana Democrat, Indiana, Pennsylvania, June 27, 1906.


Presbyterian Ministerial Directories 1898 Record:

Rev. Allan Douglas Carlile b.  1859 Clarksburg, WV: Ordination: 1885: Residence: 1309 East Elm Street: New Albany, Indiana.


Newspaper Article: Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, Indiana July 31 1897

“Rev. Allan Douglas Carlile who was expected to preach at the First Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning and was spending his vacation in Winona was unexpectedly called to his home in New Albany and there will not be any services in the First Church tomorrow.”

In 1900 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Ward 11, 6th June:

Allan D. Carlile, age 40, April 1860, born in West Virginia, his parents in Virginia, minister.  His wife Margaret was, 35, born October 1864, had 5 children, 5 living, born in Indiana, her father in Ohio and her mother in England. John S. was age 14, born in Mass., his father in WV and his mother in Indiana Allan D. was age 10, born Dec 1889, Pennsylvania, Eleanor W. age 7, born March 1893, Pennsylvania, Amy, age 4, born August 1895, Indiana, Margaret D., age 2, born July 1897, Indiana. 1920 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ward 40, Dist 1510: Margaret W. Carlile, age 55, widow, born in Indiana, Eleanor, age 26, born PA, Amy, age 24, born IN, and Margaret L. born in Indiana.

In the 1880 census for Jefferson, Madison County, Indiana, Margaret Weyer is age 15, living with her family with her mother, Amie Weyer as head of the household, age 47, born in England.  Living with them is Amie’s mother, Eliza Colgate, age 73, born in England. There is a prepared Weyer genealogy on this Indiana family.

Children of Allan Carlile and Margaret Weyer are:

49          i.   Eleanor W.7 Carlile, born 31 March 1893 in Easton, Pennsylvania; died October 1981 in Ocean City, Cape May, New Jersey.

50         ii.   John Snyder Carlile, born April 1886 in Massachusetts; died 06 January 1952 in Jacksonville Beach, Duval County, Florida.  He married (1)Marion Gray Warner. They were divorced in Nevada in 1934:  Nevada State Journal, 20 November 1934.

In 1938 he was working for Columbia Broadcasting Company in NYC and was later a professor at the University of Birmingham, in Alabama, where he wrote the pep song for the college. His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered over Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire. His parents had a farm there and later his sister, Peggy had a cottage on the lake.

51        iii.   Allan Douglas Carlile, born 22 December 1889 in Pennsylvania15.  He married Anna S. Abt. 1911; born 1891 in Pennsylvania. In 1920 he was living in Brooklyn, Kings New York, District 1415, Allan D. Carlile was age 30, born in Pennsylvania, his father in Virginia and his mother in Indiana.  His wife was Anna S. age 29, born in Indiana, Dorothy was 6years and 5 months, and Anna L. was 2 years 11 months. In 1930 the family was living in Haverford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Allan D. was age 40, married at age 22, born in Pennsylvania, his father in Virginia, and his mother in Indiana.  Anna S. was age 38, married at age 20, born in Pennsylvania as were her parents.   Dorothy was age 16, born New York, Louise was age 13, born in New York.

52        iv.   Amy Carlile, born August 1895 in Indiana.

53         v.   Margaret D. Carlile, born July 1897 in Indiana.




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Compiled by Linda B. Meyers, October 2006: contributions from Nancy A. Jackson, Harry L. McNeer and Jane Carlile Hilder.

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