Mary Sarah Jackson


Descendants of Mary Sarah Jackson


Generation No. 1


1.  Mary Sarah2 Jackson (John Jackson1 Sr.)1 was born 1768 in Probably Howard’s Lick, and died Bet. 1791 – 1793 in Randolph/Upshur County, (West) Virginia1. They were married by Rev. Isaac Edwards.She married Philip Reger1 23 October 1788 in Randolph/Upshur County, West Virginia2, son of Jacob Reger and Barbara Crites.  He was born 1767 in Hampshire County, (West) Virginia3, and died 16 July 1846 in Lewis/ now Upshur County, (West) Virginia3. Burial: Aft. 16 July 1846, Red Rock Cemetery, near Lorentz, Upshur County, West Virginia3


“Philip Reger, third son of Jacob and Barbara Crites Reger was born in Hampshire County, Virginia in 1767, served with distinction through the Revolution.  He enlisted in the army at age 15 and held the rank of Ensign in the 13th Regiment Continental Army. He was Justice of the Peace for four years and trustee for the town of Buckhannon, (West) Virginia. He was a member of the 1st Court of Lewis County and 1st Sheriff serving during 1816-17.  Mary Sarah died early in their marriage, leaving one child, and Philip remarried and had 8 more children.” (Roy B. Cook)



2. i. Elizabeth3 Reger, b. Abt. 1791, Randolph/Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 16 November 1849, probably Upshur County, (West) Virginia.



Generation No. 2


2.  Elizabeth3 Reger (Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)3 was born Abt. 1791 in Randolph/Upshur County, (West) Virginia3, and died 16 November 1849 in probably Upshur County, (West) Virginia3.  She married Isaac Dix3 29 March 1814 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia4,5, son of Stephen Dix and Jemima.  He was born Abt. 08 November 1787 in Pennsylvania5, and died 16 June 1859 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia5. Burial: Aft. 16 June 1859, Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur County, (West) Virginia6,7 His birth date is calculated from death at 71y7m8d. He married a second time on 18 April 1854 in Lewis County, West Virginia to Mrs. Mary Bonnett.  They were married by Rev. David Hall.  Isaac was age 65.  (Bk:7:30).  Mary was the daughter of Nicholas and Margaret (McNemar) Linger.



Greta Proudfoot Papers: ” Elizabeth Reger Dix, daughter of Philip Reger, departed this life on November 16, 1849 in her 58th year of age.” This would make her birth year 1791.  Norman lists a birthdate for Elizabeth as 20 December 1793 – no reference. If she died in her 58th year, it would make her birth ca 1791.


Notes for ISAAC DIX:

Minnie McWhorter gives his birth as 1785.  Marriage record to Mrs. Mary Bonnett in 1854 gives his age as 65 and if correct would mean he was born about 1789. Marriage record to Elizabeth has his last name spelled Dicks.  Her name is spelled Reager.  In 1850 Lewis County census, Isaac is a residing in the John G. Dicks household.


Children of ELIZABETH REGER and ISAAC DIX are:

3. i. Sarah Ann4 Dix, b. 05 January 1815, Dix Farm, Pringle Tree, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 28 December 1855, Upshur County, (West) Virginia.

4. ii. Emma Dix, b. 29 September 1816, Pringle Tree Farm, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 28 November 1893, Upshur County, (West) Virginia.

5. iii. Rachel R. Dix, b. 27 January 1818, Pringle Tree Farm, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 29 April 1853, Elk District, Barbour County, (West) Virginia.

6. iv. James Dix, b. 26 May 1821, (West) Virginia; d. 20 November 1894, Montagone, Texas.

7. v. John George Dix, b. 01 June 1825, Lewis County, (West) Virginia; d. 11 March 1887, Upshur County, West Virginia.

8. vi. Daniel Hitt Kincheloe Dix, b. 24 January 1828, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 28 November 1911, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia.

vii. David Dix7, b. 1829, (West) Virginia7; d. 16 July 1846, Upshur County, (West) Virginia8,9.

Greta: David Dicks departed this life July 16, 1846 in the 17th year of age.  He was always a sickly child:

viii. Mary Sophia Dix9, b. Bet. 1830 – 1831, Upshur County, (West) Virginia9; d. 30 September 1835, Upshur County, (West) Virginia10,11.

Greta: “Mary Sophia Dicks departed this life 30 September 1835, 4 years old, burned to death.

ix. Philip Dix.


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Generation No. 3


3.  Sarah Ann4 Dix (Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)11 was born 05 January 1815 in Dix Farm, Pringle Tree, Upshur County, (West) Virginia11, and died 28 December 1855 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia12. Burial: Aft. 28 December 1855, Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia13

Upshur County Death Bk:1:1:30 gives her death at age 39y1d and the tombstone reads: 40y11m23d. She married Benjamin Conley13 Abt. 1838, son of James Conley and Asenith Romine.  He was born 13 January 1813 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia13, and died 17 August 1881 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia13. Burial: Aft. 17 August 1881, Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia13

The Dix farm was located at the famous Pringle Tree near Buckhannon, in Upshur County.  Benjamin and Sarah resided at the bottom of Teets Hill, near Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia. (Greta)



His great grandparents were James Romine and Jeremiah and Mariah (Whalen) Conley. Benjamin married a second time to Lydia Westfall, daughter of George and Lydia Westfall, on 28 July 1858 in Upshur County. He died at age 67y7m.


Children of SARAH DIX and BENJAMIN CONLEY are:

9. i. Emma Virginia5 Conley, b. 26 October 1839; d. Aft. 1910.

10. ii. Rachel E. Conley, b. 13 June 1841, Foot of Teets Hill, Buckhannon, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 16 June 1913, Hodgesville, Upshur County, West Virginia.

11. iii. Jeremiah Columbus Conley, b. 20 June 1843, Foot of Teets Hill, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 10 June 1896, Upshur County, West Virginia.

iv. John W. Conley13, b. 31 May 1845, Upshur County, (West) Virginia13; d. 04 January 1863, Upshur County, (West) Virginia13.  His birth date is calculated from his tombstone death at age 17y7m4. He is buried near the church. Burial: Aft. 04 January 1863, Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia13

12. v. Olive L. Conley, b. 06 November 1846, Foot of Teets Hill, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 04 April 1876, Hickory Flats, Upshur County, (West) Virginia.

13. vi. Sarah Ann Conley, b. 15 September 1851, Foot of Teets Hill, Buckhannon, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. Aft. 1884.

vii. Eliza Caroline Conley13, b. 30 June 1853, (West) Virginia13; d. 25 September 1915, Upshur County, (West) Virginia13; m. David D. Teets SR.13, 27 September 1905, Upshur County, West Virginia13; b. 01 February 1845; d. 01 April 1928, Merced, California. Burial: Aft. 25 September 1915, Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia.13 Eliza and David were first cousins – no issue.

In 1870 she was age 18, working as a servant in the home of Anthony Teets in Upshur County.

Greta:  “Her mother died when she was very small.  She was converted early in life and joined the Mt. Lebanon Episcopal Church of which she remained a faithful member until her death. She was united in marriage to David D. Teets, September 27, 1905. She was buried on her tenth wedding anniversary. Eliza Teets was a consecrated Christian, a faithful and loyal supporter of her church. She had no family. She made her home before marriage with her sister Mrs. Anne Conley Rohrbough of Randolph county.”


4.  Emma4 Dix (Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)13 was born 29 September 1816 in Pringle Tree Farm, Upshur County, (West) Virginia13, and died 28 November 1893 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia13.  She died at age 77y2m. Burial: Aft. 28 November 1893, Heavner Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia. She married Anthony Teets13 13 October 1843 in Upshur/Barbour County, (West) Virginia14, son of Jacob Teets and Barbara Miller. They were married at the Pringle Tree Farm, present day Upshur County, West Virginia.  He was born 27 November 1820 in  Lost River, Hardy County, (West) Virginia15, and died 30 March 1906 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia15. Burial: Aft. 30 March 1906, Heavner Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia.


Children of EMMA DIX and ANTHONY TEETS are:

i. Isaac Jacob5 Teets15, b. 04 October 1843, Barbour County, (West) Virginia15; d. 19 December 1850, Barbour County, (West) Virginia.

ii. David Teets15, b. February 1845, Barbour County, (West) Virginia15.

14. iii. Mary Sophia Teets, b. 28 July 1846, Barbour County, (West) Virginia; d. 01 September 1904, Upshur County, West Virginia.

iv. Philip Taylor Teets15, b. 22 March 1848, Barbour County, (West) Virginia15; d. 19 March 1863. According to Norman Family History, Philip joined the Union Army at age 15 and served in Co. E. VA.

15. v. John Allen Teets, b. 18 January 1850, Barbour County, (West) Virginia; d. 03 March 1924, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia.

vi. Frances Marion Teets15, b. 1853, Barbour County, (West) Virginia15; m. Minnie M. Farnsworth15, 05 September 1883, Upshur County, West Virginia15; b. 1865, Upshur County, (West) Virginia15.

16. vii. Daniel Noah Teets, b. 21 August 1855, Carrolton, Barbour County, (West) Virginia; d. 21 October 1944, Upshur County, (West) Virginia.

viii. Theressa Virginia Teets15, b. 09 August 1858, Upshur County, (West) Virginia15; d. 22 September 1904.


5.  Rachel R.4 Dix (Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)15 was born 27 January 1818 in Pringle Tree Farm, Upshur County, (West) Virginia15, and died 29 April 1853 in Elk District, Barbour County, (West) Virginia15. Burial: Aft. 29 April 1853, Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia.15 She married William James Reeder15 29 March 184815, son of Thomas Reeder and Peggy Thomas.  He was born 30 April 1815 in Barbour County, (West) Virginia15, and died 01 August 1884 in probably Hancock County, Illinois15. Burial: Aft. 01 August 1884, Sexton Cemetery, Carthage, Illinois15

William and Rachel lived near Volga, West Virginia. He was the only son of Thomas and Peggy (Thomas) Reeder. Rachel was his second wife.  Sarah Ellen is the only child of their marriage. After Rachel’s death, William J. married again and moved to Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois. He is listed in the 1880 census.



i. Sarah Ellen5 Reeder15, b. 31 January 1849, Phillipi, Barbour County, (West) Virginia15; d. 20 July 1934, Hancock County, Illinois15; Burial: Aft. 20 July 1934, Moss Ridge Cemetery, Carthage, Illinois15 m. Lewis B. Wolfe15, 30 September 190215; b. 1843, Ohio.

In 1910 they were living in Terre Haute Twp, Henderson County, Illinois, married 8 years, with no children.  She was his second wife.


6.  James4 Dix (Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)15 was born 26 May 1821 in (West) Virginia15, and died 20 November 1894 in Montagone, Texas15.  According to family records James was murdered. He married Rachel Elizabeth Brake15 11 July 1844 in Lewis County, (West) Virginia16, daughter of ISAAC BRAKE and MARY JACKSON.  She was born 04 January 1822 in Lewis County, (West) Virginia17, and died 28 November 1883 in Nicholas County, West Virginia.18


The following Dix information was in the Minetta Kern’s records:

“When the War between the states broke out the feeling was bitter; often brother against brother.  Dix  (meaning James Dix) was a scout with T. J. Jacks and was captured and sent to Camp Chase.  His third child, Dyer, age 14, ran away and joined Capt. Hulton’s Cavalry.  He was captured on a foraging expedition, trying to save his captain’s horse which he was riding.  He was sent to Camp Chase;  there his father asked him why he had run away;  “I heard you were in jail and I wanted to get you out”.  They were at Camp Chase on retaliatory rations when the war ended, each almost starved.


Conditions were unpleasant on their return, so they decided to move to Texas or South America.  T. J. Jackson had spent the night in the Dix home after his return to West Virginia from the Mexican War.  He prophesied that Texas would be a leading state in the Union. He and Lee recuperated at Glen Eden.  (Believed writer is now referring back to James Dix)  They came by boat down the Ohio, Mississippi, up Red to Jefferson.  The remainder of the trip was made by ox teams.  Malaria was prevalent, and doctors told Dix that he could not live in this climate, so they returned to West Virginia, but not to the location they left.  They settled near Somerville and here John E. Kern and Alice Dix were married.  They are the parents of three children: Minetta, Paul D. (deceased) and W. T. (deceased).”


The following letter was written from James Dix to Rachel Dix during the Civil War:


“Fort Delaware July 20 1863


My Dear wife,

My health is ganing  I am in hospital no 5. My nurce is a misourian and vary kind to me when I started to this place on the 14   I was vary sick but thank God he has brought me safe thus far and is still able to support us under all circumstances if we put our trust in him.


My Dear pray continually for our family that we may once more all meet and live in piece. Oh my Dear a few days since a man came in the hospital called my by name and said I had a son with W. L. Jackson. I denied it stoughtly but he Described Dier exactly and age his hand and leg . O if I could have been at home I would have kept him thare or confined.  This man says he is well.


I want you to get him home if you can.  I am still vary weak if I had you to nurce me I think I soon would be well. I want you and John to make arrangements with Jacob Teter to secure my release as soon as posibal pay him well for his trouble the condition of my mind is suck that I cant make aney arrang with Teter or aney body elce  the worke is to be don at wheeling with Gov. Boarman urge my case with him let John see this letter and he will know what to doo for me. what you doo

do soon time is all with me in my condition  dont send me aney more money that you sent me at chase I had to leave when I was started her (here) direct your letter to me threw the care of the commander of fort Delaware.


Your in love  James Dix to

R. E. Dix


Elizabeth Nancy-Wright recalls from oral history that her great grandfather, James Dix, was murdered at his home by an employee.  He was first buried on the homeplace, but later moved to the Kern plot in the Friendship Cemetery, approx. three miles west of Sherman, TX.  His grave is marked.”



Rachel Elizabeth Brake was the first child born to Isaac and Polly Jackson Brake.  She married James Dix.  They were both great grandchildren of John and Elizabeth (Cummins) Jackson. James’ grandmother was Mary Sarah Jackson Reger, the daughter of John and Elizabeth. The Dix family was enumerated in the 1850 Lewis and 1860 Upshur census, but were probably living at the same residence (now Upshur county), which was next to Rachel’s sister Diadema Loudin. The Dixes moved to Texas in 1867.  In searching the records for that state we found that they were in Grayson County near Sherman, for just a short while, returning to West Virginia and settling in Nicholas County, near Summersville. Two of their children, Alonzo, age 25, surveyor, and Alice, age 17 were listed with the family in 1870.  David D. Dix was also in West Virginia in 1870.  He was age 20, store clerk, living with merchant William Williams.  In the 1880 census, James gave his occupation as shoemaker.


On 12 Oct. 1868, “Rachel, wife of James Dix, of Grayson Co.”, Texas, purchased property on Phillips Run.   This indicates that Rachel may have returned to WV before her husband.  The deed for this property was not delivered until 2 Oct. 1879.  On 28 Feb. 1883, James and Rachel sold to I.A. Dix, for $1.00, 300 acres on Phillips Run, Hamilton Dist, the same tract of land sold to Rachel E. Dix, 12 Oct., 1868, del., 5 Mar. 1894.   Rachel died in November 1883.  On 19 Nov. 1885, the estate of Rachel Dix was commissioned to John Knootz, Sheriff of Nicholas Co., Clara W. Hanna, auditor.  No other record was located concerning her estate.  The last record found for James Dix, was dated 8 June 1885, when he executed a deed to his daughter and son-in-law, Alice A. and J.E. Kern.


Rachel is believed to be buried in a grave, near to or in one covered with coffin-like stone slab, in the Southern Methodist Church Cemetery, Summersville, WV.  Parts of this cemetery are in very poor condition.  An old reading of the stones is unclear. What can be read is:  “E. of Jas. Dix, d. 28 Nov. 1888, ae 60y10m26d.  We believe this to be Rachel’s stone.  The “E” for her middle name “Elizabeth”.  She died on 28 Nov. 1883.  On older stones, often the number “3” is mistaken for an “8”.  Calculating her age from the reading places her birth during the first part of Jan. of 1822, which is when she was born.  Sitting on top of one of these slabs was a upright monument engraved “D.D. Dix, 7 July 1848 (prob. 17 July) d. 27 Mar. 1877.  This is the tombstone of their son, David Dyer Dix.


The 1880 Nicholas County Census indicates that most of the children of John S. Elkins and wife, Mary Loretta Dix, were born in WV.  They lived in WV until, at least, the year 1886, when John gave power of attorney to Loretta’s brother, I. A. Dix, on 2 Jan. 1886.  The family returned to Grayson Co., Texas where in 1900 they were located in Sherman, precinct 1.  Loretta’s sister, Alice and her husband J.E. Kern were also enumerated in this census, their son Paul, was the census taker for that year. (Col. Edward Jackson)


Children of JAMES DIX and RACHEL BRAKE are:

17. i. Isaac Alonzo5 Dix, b. 28 May 1845, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 18 December 1922, Nicholas County, West Virginia.

18. ii. Mary Loretta Dix, b. 28 August 1846, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 07 July 1931, Sherman, Grayson County, Texas.

iii. David Dyer Dix, b. 07 July 1848, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 27 March 1877, Washington City, Nicholas County, West Virginia.

David Dyer Dix lived through the Civil War and returned to West Virginia.  He was elected in 1977 to the House of Delegates 5th District but died of pneumonia before taking the oath of office. Following is a letter he wrote from Washington D. C. to his brother, Dr. D. W. Dix, in WV.



Washington D.C.

Mar  9  77

Dear Brother

I am not much better though some.  Think I will be able to get away soon as next week.

I am not dangerously sick, though have suffered very severly.  It is just one week today since I have eaten anything to amount to any thing.

If I could get an appetite I would be encouraged.

Don’t be uneasy I am not a _______

From Your Brother

D. D. Dix

On the envelope is a handwritten note:  Last ever received from dear Dyer.


19. iv. Daniel Worth Dix, b. 25 April 1850, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 28 December 1888, Probably Texas.

20. v. Alice America Dix, b. 13 September 1853, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 01 March 1915, Sherman, Grayson County, Texas.

vi. Elizabeth dix.

vii. Art dix.


7.  John George4 Dix (Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.) was born 01 June 1825 in Lewis County, (West) Virginia, and died 11 March 1887 in Upshur County, West Virginia. Burial: Aft. 19 February 1914, Heavner Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia He married Olive Brake 20 July 1853 in Upshur County, West Virginia19, daughter of Isaac Brake and Mary Jackson.  She was born 07 September 1830 in Lewis County, (West) Virginia, and died 19 February 1914 in Upshur County, West Virginia20. Burial: Aft. 11 March 1887, Heavner Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia



Olive Brake married John George Dix, the brother to James Dix, who married her sister, Rachel.  The Dix boys also descend from John and Elizabeth (Cummins) Jackson. Their grandmother, Mary Sarah Jackson married Philip Reger. They grew up on the Pringle tree property where John and Elizabeth settled, the same property willed to their mother at John Sr.’s death.  John Dix eventually owned the homestead and it is here he raised his family.


Military: Upshur County 133rd MILITIA

West Virginia State Troops

John G. Dix – non commissioned


Children of JOHN DIX and OLIVE BRAKE are:

i. Daniel Webster5 Dix, b. 02 March 1855, Upshur County, (West) Virginia21; d. 08 April 1933, Upshur County, West  Virginia22.

21. ii. Philip Arthur Dix, b. 18 October 1856, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. Bef. 1961.

iii. Benjamin Sanford Dix, b. 23 February 1858, Upshur County, (West) Virginia23; d. 1918.

Burial: 1918, Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia. He was a nurseryman in Utah.

iv. Mary Elizabeth Dix, b. 07 May 1862, Upshur County, (West) Virginia24; d. 19 November 1961, Upshur County, West Virginia; m. John R. Manley, 12 October 1899, Upshur County, West Virginia25; b. Abt. 1854, Augusta County, Virginia. In 1899 he lived in Wheeling, Ohio County, WV; they were divorced. After their divorce Mary Elizabeth took back her maiden name.

Greta” Miss Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Dix died at the age of 99 years at the Holbrook Rest Home where she had lived for 18 months.  She had, prior to entering the home, lived in Clarksburg WV with Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Forman.  Mrs. Forman is believed to be Elizabeth Berry, who was living with the Dix family in 1900.  In 1943, Elizabeth Forman became the beneficial owner of the land owned by Bette Dix.  This was probably about the time Bette went to Clarksburg to live.  At her death, Bette was survived by one nephew, Philip J. Dix, of Roy, Utah, and two nieces Mrs. William C. Druehl, of Burlingame, CA and Mrs. John B. Snow of Frogmore. SC.


v. America Dix, b. 07 May 1864, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 16 May 1931, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia. Burial: Aft. 16 May 1931, Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia


Greta:  “Miss America Dix lived her entire life in Upshur county, on the home farm, two miles north of Buckhannon near the famous Pringle Tree.  She was an active member of the Elizabeth Zane Chapter of the D.A.R., a member of the First M.E. Church and the Community Club of Buckhannon, WV.”


8.  Daniel Hitt Kincheloe4 Dix (Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)26 was born 24 January 1828 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia26, and died 28 November 1911 in Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia.  He married America Young26 Bet. 1853 – 1854 in (West) Virginia26.  She was born 17 September 1833 in (West) Virginia, and died 07 January 1910 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia.

Daniel taught school for 2 terms. on 7 June 1850 he was ordained minister of the M. E. Church. One son and two grandsons were members of the West Virginia legislature. In 1870 he was living in Charleston, West Virginia, a Methodist Minister. Daniel was a minister.


Obit.” Dix–Rev. Daniel Hitt Kincheloe Dix passed from labor to refreshment at his home on College Avenue, in Buckhannon on the morning of November 28th, 1911; at the advanced age of eight-three years.  He spent his life, until the period of labor was wholly past, in the itinerant ministry of the M.E. church.  his field, if not as wide as the world, covered several states of his country.  he was a good man, and sowed beside all waters, and the harvest from his labors will continue to be reaped long after the generation that has known him in his old age, will have passed away and themselves be forgotten.

Dr. Dix attended the late session of his conference at Charleston, but was taken very ill while there and was brought home where loving hands ministered to him until he passed away.  Several years ago he and his wife celebrated the golden anniversary of their marriage but she, the companion of his life passed first to the eternal home.  He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. French A. Sexton, and by numerous other relatives.  All who knew him will remember his gentle voice and kindly smile, and will hope to bid him good morning in the sunny land to which he has gone.” (From newspaper clipping in my files)


Obit. “Mrs. America Dix, wife of Rev. D.H. K. Dix, of our city, died last Friday at 6:30 p.m. and was buried on Sunday afternoon last.  Mrs. Dix had been a sufferer for about a year, and a very great sufferer the last three or four months bearing her suffering with great fortitude.  She was a sister to J.M. Young, of Charleston, having a sister also in the same city, Mrs. John Slack.  She was the mother of five children, three having preceded her into the beyond.  the two still living are William J. Dix, Pattonsburgh, Mo, and Mrs. Hattie E. Sexton, Buckhannon.  The deceased was in her seventy-seventh year, and was married to Mr. Dix fifty-six years ago.  The twain had walked together long; and had experienced a very strenuous life, serving in the Methodist itinerary in this State and Iowa, doing the more difficult duties incident to frontier work the greater portion of the long years thus spent.

Rev. Mr. Dix was seriously hurt nearly three years ago, in a fall, and has suffered from its effect all these months.  Mrs. Dix proved a most faithful nurse to him through this affliction, which may possibly have hastened her own death.  She was a devoted wife and a most faithful and loyal member of the church.  All her friends and acquaintances speak of her in the most complimentary terms bordering even upon affection.  Her funeral was conducted by her pastor, Rev. H.D. Clalrk assisted by Rev. W.J. Sharpes, F.H.J.King, J.M. Warden and S.D. Tamblyn.


Children of DANIEL DIX and AMERICA YOUNG are:

i. John M.5 Dix26, b. 1857, West Virginia26; d. 1892, Charleston, West Virginia26. Burial: 1892, Spring Hill Cemetery, Charleston, West Virginia26

ii. Lewis M. Dix26, b. 26 March 1871, West Virginia26; d. August 187126. Burial: August 1871, Spring Hill Cemetery, Charleston, West Virginia26

iii. Lizzie Quindora Dix26, b. 1864, West Virginia26; d. 09 February 1880, Charleston, West Virginia26. Burial: Aft. 09 February 1880, Spring Hill Cemetery, Charleston, West Virginia26

22. iv. William J. Dix, b. 1868, West Virginia.

23. v. Harriet Dix, b. 25 December 1875, Upshur County, West Virginia; d. 01 December 1968, Upshur County, West  Virginia.


Generation No. 4


9.  Emma Virginia5 Conley (Sarah Ann4 Dix, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)26 was born 26 October 183926, and died Aft. 1910.  She married Enoch Westfall26 13 April 1859 in Upshur County, West Virginia27, son of George Westfall and Lydia Cutright.  He was born 12 August 1826 in Lewis County, (West) virginia28, and died 28 April 1904 in Hampton, West Virginia28.


Enumerated in 1860 Upshur Co. Census res. beside Benjamin and Lydia Conley.  Enumerated in 1870 Upshur Co., WV Census.  Raymond Wolfe has his birth as 12 Aug. 1826. Lt. the Civil War. Emma was his second wife. At their marriage she was age 19 and he was age 30.



i. Infant Male6 Westfall28, d. 01 January 187828.

ii. Preston Westfall28, b. 09 February 1861, Upshur County, (West) Virginia28; m. Emma J. Jones28, 03 February 1884, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. August 1862, West Virginia. Preston was Lt. Col. Preston moved to Jefferson, Denmark Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1910.

iii. Columbia Westfall, b. 1865.


10.  Rachel E.5 Conley (Sarah Ann4 Dix, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.) was born 13 June 1841 in Foot of Teets Hill, Buckhannon, Upshur County, (West) Virginia, and died 16 June 1913 in Hodgesville, Upshur County, West Virginia. Burial: 1913, Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia30 She married Granville Post 07 April 1859 in Upshur County, West Virginia29, son of George Post and Comfort Simons.  He was born 07 December 1838 in Lewis County, (West) Virginia, and died 25 November 1930 in Hodgesville, Upshur County, West Virginia. Burial: 1930, Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia30


Greta: “She was the mother of 14 children.  She was a Devout Christian woman and joined the Mt. Lebanon church in 1856 and was a faithful member until her death.  She died at Hodgesville, June 16, 1913 very suddenly.  She is buried in Mt. Lebanon cemetery.  She was a fond and loving mother and loyal friend.”


Source for some of this line: Valentin Pfost/Post and Some of His Descendants, by Doris Poinsett.  For more information about the personal lives, refer to Doris’ book.



i. Unnamed Infant6 Post31. Greta’s notation:  “Infant son of Granville and Rachel Conley Post, wasn’t named: information from Comfort Bunch. Burial: Mt. Lebanon, Upshur County, West Virginia.”

ii. Comfort Esta Post, b. 21 June 1860, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. 30 July 1957, El Cajon, California; m. (1) C. E. Bunch, Salt Lake City, Utah; m. (2) Minter J. Hinkle, 03 December 1879, Upshur County, West Virginia. Burial: Aft. 30 July 1957, Greenwood Mausoleum, El Cajon, California

iii. George Post, b. 19 March 1862, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. Walden, Colorado; m. Ellen Hoffman Coffman, Abt. 1898, Walden, Colorado.

iv. Jeremiah Columbus Post, b. 28 April 1863, Upshur County, (West) Virginia32; d. 1948, Akron, Summit County, Ohio; m. Jennie Virginia Davis, 26 June 1887, Roane County, West Virginia; b. September 1865, Roane County, West Virginia; d. 1910, Spencer Cemetery, Roane County, West Virginia. Both buried   Spencer Cemetery, Roane County, West Virginia


Greta: “In his early years “Pete” worked in a saloon for a while and was later a blacksmith. He then was a farmer in Roane Co., WV. In 1910 he held the county office of jailor. They lived in part of the courthouse at this time. Jennie died in the courthouse in Spencer, WV. “Pete” later moved to Akron, Summit Co., OH where he died at the age of 85.”

v. Louisa Jane Post, b. 15 April 1865, Upshur County, (West) Virginia; d. Upshur County, West  Virginia; m. Lafayette Hinkle; b. 24 October 1834. She was a niece to Lafayette Hinkle’s first wife who also was named Louisa Jane.

vi. Sarah Bell Post, b. 01 August 1866, Sugar Fork, Upshur County, West Virginia; m. Thomas E. Kidd, 04 December 1884. Burial: Heavner Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia

vii. Ira Post, b. 21 February 1868, Upshur County, West  Virginia; d. 14 June 1883, Hodgesville, Upshur County, West Virginia. His birth is calculated from his death date at 15y3m24d. Burial: Aft. 14 June 1893, Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia33

viii. Ida May Post, b. 25 September 1869, Sugar Fork, Upshur County, West Virginia; d. 26 April 1887; Burial: Aft. 26 April 1887, Mt. Lebanon, Upshur County, West Virginia: m. Alonzo Byrd Casto, 29 July 1886, Upshur County, West Virginia34; b. 16 August 1866, (West) Virginia; d. 1948. Burial: 1948, Pickens, Randolph County, West Virginia. He married #2 Abina Lance and lived in Randolph County.

ix. John Fletcher Post, b. 06 February 1871, Upshur County, West  Virginia; d. 03 August 1924, Salt Lake City, Utah. He was murdered.

x. Enoch Loyd Post, b. 15 October 1872, Upshur County, West Virginia; m. Gertrude P..



Doris Poinsett has his birth as Oct. 13, 1872.  States probably m. to Gertrude P. after 15 Apr. 1910.  In 1900, he was living in Salt Lake City, UT with Francis Teets, a cousin. Gertrude and John’s son d. young.

xi. Benjamin Melroy Post, b. 25 January 1875, Upshur County, West  Virginia; d. 26 March 1954, Nampa, Idaho; m. Alice A., Abt. 1898.

xii. Melissa Myrtle Post, b. Abt. 1879, Upshur County, West  Virginia; m. Lee Hinkle, 12 June 1898, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. 18 December 1875.Lee and Melissa were second cousins.  No issue.

xiii. Arthur Garfield Post, b. 27 August 1880, Upshur County, West  Virginia; d. 22 November 1928, Hodgesville, Upshur County, West Virginia; Burial: Aft. 22 November 1928, Mt. Lebanon, Upshur County, West Virginia: m. Mae Pearl Queen, 29 October 1908, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. 30 October 1885, Upper Pecks Run, Upshur County, West Virginia; d. 10 May 1962, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West  Virginia. Arthur and Mae were second cousins once removed.

xiv. Emma Grace Post, b. 06 November 1883, Upshur County, West Virginia; m. Aquilla Christian Smith, 12 June 1907, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. Abt. 1878, Upshur County, West Virginia.


11.  Jeremiah Columbus5 Conley (Sarah Ann4 Dix, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)35 was born 20 June 1843 in Foot of Teets Hill, Upshur County, (West) Virginia35, and died 10 June 1896 in Upshur County, West Virginia36. Burial: Aft. 10 June 1896, Heavner Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia He married Mary Columbia Loudin 02 May 1872 in Upshur County, West Virginia37, daughter of John Loudin and Diadema Brake.  She was born 14 April 1852 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia38, and died 06 April 1929 in Upshur County, West Virginia39. Burial: Aft. 06 April 1929, Heavner Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia. They lived in Roane County, West Virginia. Jeremiah and Mary Columbia were cousins.


Greta: “Jeremiah Columbus Conley was born at the foot of Teets Hill, on the Mt. Lebanon side. He was 18 when he volunteered for the Union Army, Upshur Co., Bat.E, Lt. Arty., as private. He served four years under Captain Moore. He was captured in the first battle of Buckhannon.  The wounded soldiers were brought down from where the water tank (Leonard Hill) now is to the Simpson property on Locust Street.  That night a man by the name of Black, who had been pronounced dead got up and walked across the room and struck the opposite wall. Mr. Black was shot when directly in front of Columbus Conley.  It scared the other wounded soldiers.  For his services he received an $8.00 pension.”


After his marriage to Columbia Loudin they lived in Warren District for awhile. Greta Proudfoot, in her notes, says “they lived where D.N. Teets now lives and in a house near the Elkana Warner residence on a farm owned by Martin Casto heirs.”  The family moved to Roane Co. for eight years then returned to reside in Buckhannon, WV on Kanawha Street, in what is now the Withers property from there they moved to Franklin Street where they spent the remaining part of their life.


For more on this family refer to Col. Edward Jackson, by Nancy Jackson and Linda B. Meyers.



i. Eva Grace6 Conley, b. 23 June 1874, Upshur County, West Virginia40; d. 1958, Upshur County, West  Virginia;  m. Joseph James Ray, 04 September 1892, Upshur County, West Virginia41; b. 25 November 1868, Marshall County, West Virginia; d. 02 November 1935, Upshur County, West  Virginia42. Both buried Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia. They were cousins.  They operated a bakery in Buckhannon, West Virginia.

ii. Okey Conley, b. 27 March 1877, Upshur County, West  Virginia43; d. Abt. 1883, Roane County, West Virginia. Burial: Abt. 1883, Jeremiah Conley family graveyard, Roane County, West Virginia.

iii. Anna M. Conley, b. 1883, West Virginia; d. 1945, Upshur County, West  Virginia; Burial: 1945, Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia: m. Oliver Woods; d. Bef. 1920. Anna was a widow, living with her mother in Buckhannon in 1930.


12.  Olive L.5 Conley (Sarah Ann4 Dix, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)44 was born 06 November 1846 in Foot of Teets Hill, Upshur County, (West) Virginia44, and died 04 April 1876 in Hickory Flats, Upshur County, (West) Virginia44.  She married Eli W/M Westfall44 24 October 1869 in Upshur County, West Virginia45, son of Martin Westfall and Rebecca Warner.  He was born 05 May 1842 in Sugar Fork, Pringle Tree Community, Upshur County, (West) Virginia, and died 10 March 1883 in Upshur County, West Virginia. Both buried Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia.


Gerta: She was married October 24, 1869, where D. N. Teets now lives on sugar Fork at Eli Westfall, Jr., son of Martin Westfall and Rebecca Warner.  He was born May 5, 1842 on Sugar Fork, Pringle Tree Community. She is buried on the brow of the hill.”


Children of OLIVE CONLEY and ELI WESTFALL are:

i. Ora May6 Westfall46, b. Abt. 1872, Upshur County, West  Virginia; m. Martin V. Casto, 22 December 1892, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. 1846, (West) Virginia. Census: 1910, Warren Dist., Upshur County, West Virginia.

ii. Aaron Westfall, b. 03 July 1871, Upshur County, West  Virginia.

iii. Dorpha Stark Westfall, b. 17 September 1873, Hickory Flats, Upshur County, West Virginia; d. 07 August 1932, Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia; m. Hettie Rollins, 02 July 1894, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. 02 July 1869, West Virginia; d. 06 April 1931, Hampton, Upshur County, West Virginia.


Greta: “Dorpha was raised on a farm until 15 years old when he became engaged in the timber business, which he followed for 3 years; then he got a job with the railroad as a common laborer; he was promoted to foreman 5 August 1896. He worked on the Hampton section and later transferred to Gassaway.


13.  Sarah Ann5 Conley (Sarah Ann4 Dix, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)46 was born 15 September 1851 in Foot of Teets Hill, Buckhannon, Upshur County, (West) Virginia46, and died Aft. 188446.  She married William Harrison Rohrbough46 09 February 1870 in Upshur County, West Virginia47, son of John Rohrbough and Matilda Bott.  He was born 01 November 1842 in Post Mills, Upshur County, (West) Virginia, and died 27 August 1938 in Beverly, Randolph County, West Virginia48.


Greta: “She was born at the foot of Teets Hill in the Farnsworth meadow on property then owned by her father, near Buckhannon. Her mother died when she was young and she made her home partly with her father and partly with the Dix’s , her mother’s family.”


Information on the descendants of Sarah and William refer to: John R. Rohrbach 1728-1821, Descendants and Marriage Connections, Volumes One and Two, by James D. Rorabaugh, McClain Printing Company, Parson, West Virginia, 1966 and 1970.



i. John Hampton6 Rohrbough48, b. 11 February 187148; d. 1890, Upshur County, West  irginia.

ii. Edward Gay Rohrbough48, b. 04 January 1874, Randolph County, West Virginia48; d. 10 December 1957, Washington, DC49; m. Lillian Hartman.


“Edward was educated in public schools of West Virginia, attended Conference Seminary of Buckhannon, graduated Harvard University, taught school in several places in West Virginia.  Selected President of Glenville WV State College, was there for 30 years and then was elected to U. S. Congress, House of Representatives, by people 3rd District of WV.  He served until the landslide election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944 for President. At his death Edward was a member of Congress. Lillian remained in Washington, DC.” (Rohrbough)

iii. Lena Victoria Rohrbough50, b. 27 September 1876, West Virginia50; d. 1943, Randolph County, West Virginia.

iv. Estelle Maude Rohrbough50, b. 1878, West Virginia50; d. Randolph County, West Virginia.

v. M. Benjamin Rohrbough50, b. 1880, Randolph County, West Virginia50; m. Mabel Arle Pettit. He lived on the Petit farm near Beverly.

vi. Olive Rohrbough50,51, b. 1882, Randolph County, West Virginia52; d. 30 July 1942; m. Norman Wamsley, 15 February 1920.


“Olive was educated in the public schools and graduated from Glenville, West Virginia State College. Attended Peabody Institute, Nashville, Tennessee and studied at Davis-Elkins College of West Virginia.  Afterwards taught school.”

vii. Ruth Rohrbough52, b. 1884, Randolph County, West Virginia52; d. 30 June 1933; m. W. H. RECTOR, 04 October 1921.


14.  Mary Sophia5 Teets (Emma4 Dix, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)52 was born 28 July 1846 in Barbour County, (West) Virginia52, and died 01 September 1904 in Upshur County, West  Virginia52, buried Salem, West Virginia.  She married Enoch L. Waugh52 11 September 1866 in Upshur County, West Virginia52.  He was born 17 May 1843 in Pocahontas County, Virginia52, and died 1932.


Enoch was a Civil War Union soldier.  He was granted 160 acres in Nebraska, moved there, but returned to Upshur County. Enoch married Sarah Horner on 20 August 1905.1900 Upshur County, Banks District, West Virginia:June 11,1900: Waugh, Enoch L. born 5/1843 age 57 WV Fa:WV Mo: WV, Mary S. born 6/1846 age 53 born WV Fa: WV Mo: WV, Zella M (dau) born 9/1875 age 24 single, Minnie L., born 11/1884,  age 15 single, Elvee L. (dau) born 11/1888 ,age 11,Married 33 years, 7 children born, 5 living, Nee Mary Teets. HH farmer.


Children of MARY TEETS and ENOCH WAUGH are:

i. Mary Emma Corrina6 Waugh52, b. 05 July 1867, Three Lick of Turkey Run, Upshur County, West  Virginia52; d. 29 August 1961, Westfield, Lewis County, West Virginia53; buried Kincaid Cemetery, Babylon, now Duffy, West Virginia: m. Philip Madison Allman54, 24 April 1884, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. 13 July 1856, Upshur County, (West) Virginia55; d. 1917, West Virginia. Residence: Collins Settlement, Duffy, Lewis County, West Virginia. Burial: 1917, Kincaid Cemetery, Babylon, now Duffy, West Virginia. In 1900 Mary said she had 7 children and 5 living.

Sources:  Bud Allman records, Greta Proudfoot Collection, Lewis County census 1900 and Guy Tetrick files:

ii. Theresa Waugh, b. 1879, Upshur County, West  Virginia; d. Bef. 1900, Upshur County, West  Virginia.

iii. Zella Myrtle Waugh56, b. 18 September 1875, Upshur County, West Virginia; m. Harold Berton Davisson56.

iv. Ibbie Sophia Waugh56, b. 01 June 1880, Upshur County, West  Virginia; d. 18 April 1933, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West  Virginia; Burial: Kanawha Run, Upshur County, West Virginia: m. Stanley Bucher or Beacher Riggleman56, 04 April 1899, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. 24 September 1872.

v. Minnie L. Waugh56, b. November 1884, Upshur County, West Virginia; m. R. H. Davisson56.

vi. Elvee L. Waugh56, b. November 1888, Upshur County, West Virginia.

vii. Unknown Waugh, b. 14 October 1868, Upshur County, West Virginia; d. 19 October 1868, Upshur County, West Virginia.


15.  John Allen5 Teets (Emma4 Dix, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)56 was born 18 January 1850 in Barbour County, (West) Virginia56, and died 03 March 1924 in Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia.  He married Hannah Loretta Dawson56 15 February 1871 in Upshur County, West Virginia56, the daughter of Amaziah and Julia Dawson. She was born November 1847 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia56.



Enumerated in 1900 Upshur Co. Census; 3 children/3 living.  The infant child buried in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery was probably born after 1900.


Obit: “John Allen Teets

On Sunday March 2, John Allen Teets, a well-known resident of College avenue, passed away following a protracted illness.  His death was due to acute paralysis. The deceased was in the 75th year of his age.  He was a member of the M.E. church and was well known in this vicinity, where he had made many warm friends.  He is survived by his wife and one daughter, Mrs. O.D. Arnold, of this city, and two sons, Dr. E.A. Teets, of Clarksburg, and D.D. Teets, of Charleston.  Funeral services were conducted on Wednesday from the late family residence on College avenue, with the Rev. James Engle and Rev. Merrill, a former pastor of the deceased, of Clarksburg, officiating.  A Violin Solo “Traumerei” as played by Prof. Charles Roe of_______.  his death brought the first break in the family circle in over forty years.  An infant child died.  He was always sincere, he hated____.  Modestly being rather than seeming his daily life shed it pure light and warmth on all he met. Always thinking of others before himself, his life was full of self sacrifice and tender devotion to his family.”  (Greta Proudfoot collection)


Children of JOHN TEETS and HANNAH DAWSON are:

i. Earl Allen6 Teets56, b. 17 November 1872, Upshur County,  West  Virginia56; d. 21 January 1931; m. Bernice Childers, 17 November 1911, Columbus, Indiana; d. Columbus, Indiana. He was a dentist. No issue. Both buried Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon, West Virginia.


Obit:  “Dr. Earl Allen Teets was the son of John A. and Hannah Loretta Dawson Teets, grandson of Anthony and Emma Dix Teets, great grandson of Jacob and_______ was born on the Teets farm on Sugar Fork of Turkey Run in Upshur County November 17, 1872.  Earl Allen died Jan. 23, 1931 at 7:10 o’clock in his wife’s arms at his apartment in the Payne building Clarksburg, WVa, of complications due to paralysis.  He was seriously ill two weeks.  He was first stricken with the malady several years before, but recovered sufficiently to practice his profession and to attend to real estate activities in which he was interested.  He lived in Clarksburg thirty years and was widely known in and about the city.

He received his early education in the grades at Mt. Lebanon school.  Attended and graduated from West Va. Conference Seminary now West Va Wesleyan College at Buckhannon, following his graduation there, Dr. Teets attended the Temple University of Dentistry in Philadelphia and after his graduation located in Clarksburg, where he practiced dentistry several years  After his first paralysis he then entered the Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons, from which he was graduated.  Returning to Clarksburg he took up the practice of medicine and continued to give active attention to it up to the time of his fatal illness.  He was a member of the Harrison County Medical Society and its treasurer at the time of his death.  He belonged to other societies of the medical profession.  He married Bernice Childers.” (Greta Proudfoot collection)

ii. David D. Teets56, b. 27 March 187556; m. Roberta Hipkins, 18 November 1913.

iii. Anna Reta Teets56, b. 18 May 1879, Upshur County, (West) Virginia56; m. Arla D. Arnold, 15 August 1907, Upshur County, West Virginia.

iv. Infant Teets56, b. May 1881, Upshur County, (West) Virginia56; d. May 1881, Upshur County, (West) Virginia56. Burial: May 1881, Mt. Lebanon, Upshur County, West Virginia.


16.  Daniel Noah5 Teets (Emma4 Dix, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)56 was born 21 August 1855 in Carrolton, Barbour County, (West) Virginia56, and died 21 October 1944 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia56.  He married Mary Louvernie “Verna” Conley56 01 September 1888 in Upshur County, West Virginia57, daughter of Benjamin Conley and Lydia Westfall.  She was born 09 June 1861 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia58, and died 03 April 1944 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia58. She was born at the foot of Teets hill, the daughter of Benjamin Conley and Lydia Westfall. Both buried Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia58


1921 Newspaper clipping:   “Mrs. Greta Proudfoot gave her mother, Mrs. D. N. Teets, a very pleasant surprise on her sixtieth birthday, when many of her friends gave her a surprise party.  A two-course luncheon was served.  Those present were: Mrs. T. P. Dawson, Mrs. A. B. Lance, Mrs. John Holtz, Mrs. Ed arnett, Mrs. Maria Warner, Mrs. Mollie Green, Mrs. bettie Manley, Mrs. French Sexton, Mrs. Dora Radabaugh, Mrs. Delphia Radabaugh, Mrs. Homer Waugh, Mrs. B. F. Rusk, Mrs. Elam McVaney, Mrs. Anna Woods, Mrs. Nannie E. Davis, Mrs. Morgan Bailey, Mrs. L. A. Teter, Mrs. and Mrs. L. E. Ressegger, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Talbott, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Loudin, Mr. and Mrs. James Casto, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Casto, Mr. and Mrs. James Karickhoff, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Westfall, Mr. and Mrs. Albro Teets, Mr. and Mrs L. M. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Thise, and Messrs Omar rossegger, Hugh Gibson, Floyd Casto, Willie Conley, Boone Proudfoot, Kyle WEstfall, Misses Mecca Dix, Elizabeth Dix, Eva McVaney, Coralie Copenhaver, Glenice Westfall, Florence Conley, Bird Dawson, Bettie Dawson, Lee Dawson and May Loudin.”



i. Greta Emma6 Teets58, b. 08 September 1892, Hodgesville, Upshur County, West Virginia58; m. Phaotis Boone Proudfoot58, 24 January 1914, Upshur County, West Virginia; b. 16 January 1895.


17.  Isaac Alonzo5 Dix (James4, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.) was born 28 May 1845 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia, and died 18 December 1922 in Nicholas County, West Virginia59. Burial: Aft. 18 December 1922, Herold/Muddlety Cemetery, Nicholas County, West Virginia. He marriedMary Ellen Townsend 14 October 1874 in Nicholas County, (West) Virginia60.  She was born October 1855 in Nicholas County, (West) Virginia, and died 27 August 1917 in Nicholas County, West Virginia61.  It is unclear where they died.  The deaths are registered in Nicholas County, but in 1910 they were living next door to David in Davis Twp., Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma and in 1920 Alonzo I. Dix, age 74, born in West Virginia was living with William P. Dix in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.  He was a widower.


Children of ISAAC DIX and MARY TOWNSEND are:

i. William Pitt6 Dix, b. 13 June 1875, Nicholas County, West Virginia62; d. Bet. 1923 – 1925; m. Patria; b. Abt. 1877, Tennessee. In 1935, Patria was still living at 322 N. Aydelotte Ave. in Shawnee, OK.  Her daughter Dortha was living with her and was a school teacher. He was killed by a cyclone.

ii. David Dyre Dix, b. 1878, West Virginia; d. 1957, Arkansas; m. Adah Irene Barton; b. 1883, Pennsylvania; d. 1942, Arkansas: buried Oakland Cemetery, Bradley, County, Arkansas. 1930 resident of Bradley, Banks County, Arkansas.

iii. Bertha Bennett Dix, b. 26 April 1879, Nicholas County, West Virginia63; d. 08 August 1896, Nicholas County, West Virginia. Burial: Aft. 08 August 1896, Herold/Muddlety Cemetery, Nicholas County, West Virginia

iv. Edna Rebecca Dix, b. 27 September 1880, Nicholas County, West Virginia64; d. 05 January 1931, Nicholas County, West Virginia65; m. Clarence Allen Herold, 14 October 1902, Nicholas County, West Virginia66; b. 06 September 1867, Nicholas County, West Virginia; d. 06 September 1967, Bradelton, Florida. Both buried: Grove Cemetery, Summersville, Nicholas County, West Virginia. They were originally buried at Muddlety Cemetery but were moved at a later date. He married #2 Susan Milan, d/o William and (Groves) Milan.

v. Isaac Arnett Dix, b. 04 October 1881, Nicholas County, West Virginia67; d. 07 July 1961, Los Angeles, California; m. Florence; b. Abt. 1896, Iowa. He was a doctor and moved around, resided in Washington state.

vi. Kirk Dix, b. 28 June 1878, Nicholas County, West Virginia68. He is believed to have been single and lived in the west.


18.  Mary Loretta5 Dix (James4, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.) was born 28 August 1846 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia, and died 07 July 1931 in Sherman, Grayson County, Texas.  Burial: Aft. 07 July 1931, Friendship Cemetery, Sherman, Texas. She married John Smith Elkins 26 August 1868 in Sherman, Grayson County, Texas.  He was born 26 October 1846, and died 22 February 1925 in Sherman, Grayson County, Texas. Burial: Aft. 22 February 1925, Friendship Cemetery, Sherman, Texas

Mary Loretta and John S. Elkins were married in West Virginia, migrated to Texas and returned to West Virginia where they were enumerated in the 1880 census.  It appears that after the death of her parents, the family returned to Sherman, Texas.  Mary L., age 73, b. Va, and John Smith, age 73, b. Va. are listed with Lorenzo D. Huggins and his wife, in Grayson County in 1920.  This is confusing as John is listed as the father of Lorenzo who was born in Georgia and was age 60. His wife’s name was Ida Bell, and she was 38 and born in Georgia. We assume this is an error by the census taker.

Mary Loretta Dix and John Smith Elkins moved from West Virginia to Texas in Jan. 1886.  It is family tradition that Mary Loretta passed messages across the lines during the Civil War. Her granddaughter, Elizabeth Nance-Wright, remembers her as a dear sweet lady.

Rachel Elkins was the only child born in Texas.  The family settled on a farm NW of Sherman, which had been purchased by James Dix, on his first trip to Texas soon after the Civil War.  It had been deeded to his oldest son, Isaac Alonzo Dix .  Mary Loretta and John Elkins bought the property from him.

The Elkins raised two foster boys,  Harry Mc———- a  black child who came to them in West Virginia when he was seven years old.  This was around 1873 when Dexter was a baby.  Harry moved to Texas with the family in 1886.  Theodore Zentopher was age nine when he was sent from N.Y. to Texas.  The family who was supposed to adopt Ted changed their minds and he went to live with the Elkins.  This was supposed to be temporary, but adoptive parents were never found.






Children of MARY DIX and JOHN ELKINS are:

i. Ruth A.6 Elkins, b. 01 October 1869, West Virginia; m. N. O. Wilson, 19 April 1891.This family probably went to San Luis, Mexico.

ii. Ernest Earl Elkins, b. 15 April 1871, West Virginia; m. Ella May Wells, 29 October 1896; b. 1878, Texas. Res: Houston, Texas.  They moved to Grand Junction, Colorado during WWII, ca 1944 and are buried there.

iii. James P. Elkins, b. 11 January 1873, Nicholas County, West Virginia69.

iv. Poindexter “Dexter” Elkins, b. 07 January 1873, West Virginia; d. 1947; m. Jeanne McCartney, 17 December; b. Abt. 1883, Scotland. Both buried Fowler, Colorado.

v. Dyer Elkins, b. 05 December 1877, Nicholas County, West Virginia70; m. Gertrude Mackey, 08 June 1910. His birth on his WWI application, signed by him was 5 Dec 1878. He was a rural mail carrier in Crawford, County, Colorado in 1930.

vi. Fred Elkins, b. 10 April 1883, Nicholas County, West Virginia71; d. 1934, Sherman, Grayson County, Texas; m. Lessie B. Cain, 12 September 1923; b. 08 December 1898, West Virginia; d. 09 August 1994, Sherman, Grayson County, Texas. Both buried Friendship Cemetery, Sherman, Texas

vii. Rachel E. Elkins, b. 10 September 1886, Sherman, Grayson County, Texas; m. Elmer Lee Cooper, Bet. 14 – 15 November 1905, Sherman, Grayson County, Texas; b. 28 June 1884, Streator, Illinois; d. 28 September 1971, Madill, Marshall County, Kansas.

viii. Worth Elkins, b. 09 August 1875, West Virginia.


19.  Daniel Worth5 Dix (James4, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.) was born 25 April 1850 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia, and died 28 December 1888 in Probably Texas.  He married lizzie J. Mcclintic 12 May 1877 in Nicholas County, West Virginia72.  She was born Abt. 1858 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia.



There is a Dr. D. W. Dix buried beside James Dix in the Friendship Cemetery in Sherman Texas but the dates differ: b. 25 May 1850; died 20 Nov 1894.



i. Unknown6 Dix, b. 02 September 1878, Nicholas County, West Virginia73.


20.  Alice America5 Dix (James4, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.) was born 13 September 1853 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia74, and died 01 March 1915 in Sherman, Grayson County, Texas.  She married John Edwin/Edward Kern 21 October 1873 in Nicholas County, West Virginia75.  He was born 11 January 1845 in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia, and died 22 December 1932 in Sherman, Grayson County, Texas. Both buried Friendship Cemetery, Sherman, Texas. The Kern family is listed in the 1900 census for Precinct #1, Sherman, Texas.  John was a surveyor and Minetta M. was a schoolteacher. Guy was attending school and Paul was a farm laborer. Paul was the census taker during that year.


Children of ALICE DIX and JOHN KERN are:

i. Minetta M.6 Kern, b. 28 March 1875, Nicholas County, West Virginia76; d. 11 June 1970.

ii. Paul Dix Kern, b. 20 April 1879, Nicholas County, West Virginia; d. 10 August 1958; m. Mollie A. Strange; b. Abt. 1874, Georgia.

iii. William Guy Kern, b. 12 June 1882, Nicholas County, West Virginia77; m. Clara Hall; b. Ohio; d. December 1956, Houston, Texas.


21.  Philip Arthur5 Dix (John George4, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.) was born 18 October 1856 in Upshur County, (West) Virginia78, and died Bef. 1961.  He married Gulielma Sears 1882 in Decatur, Nebraska.  She was born Abt. 1857 in Pennsylvania, and died 1954. He was a lawyer and began a law practice but left due to health reasons.  He was a nurseryman in Ut. Resided in Roy, UT in 1933. Philip Arthur Dix was born in Upshur County, WV and grew up in the family home at Pringle Tree.  He was a graduate of Alleghany College. He was associated with the railroad in Hawarden, Iowa.  Philip met and married Goulia Sears of Decatur, NE, near Hawarden. He moved to Salt Lake City, UT where he practiced law until his health failed, forcing him to abandon this occupation.  He later operated a nursery in Roy or Ogden, Utah.


Children of PHILIP DIX and GULIELMA SEARS are:

i. Eva6 Dix, b. 1883, Hawarden, Iowa; d. 1984; m. William Charles Druehl, Bef. 1905; b. 15 March 1880, Illinois; d. 14 April 1952, San Mateo, California. Eva Dix was a young high school graduate when she met and married William Charles Druehl. William was a merchant in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In 1924, he moved his family to Burlingame, CA.  The family were members of the Burlingame United Methodist Church, where Eva took part in the activities of the United Methodist Women..  Eva was a charter member of the Anson Burlingame Chapter, D.A.R. and Chapter CX, PEO.  A party in her honor on her 99th birthday was held in 1982.  At this advanced age, she was still an “avid reader, a prolific letter writer and vitally interested in current local, state and national affairs” At this time she had three children living, Virginia Druehl Forbes of Ventura, CA, William C. Druehl of Atherton, and Eleanore Druehl Nettle of San Mateo.  Eleanore was on the Board of Trustees, College of San Mateo.  In addition to her children there were ten grandchildren, twenty-one great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild to love and honor her. Both buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah

ii. John Sears Dix, b. 1884; d. 1905. Burial: 1905, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah

iii. Gulia Marie Dix, b. 1890; m. (1) Byron Lapham Swan; m. (2) John Bernard Shaw. They were divorced in 1938.

iv. Philip Jackson Dix, b. 17 November 1892, Utah; d. April 1964, Utah; m. Dena Whiteman, Bef. 1920; b. Abt. 1895, Oregon.


22.  William J.5 Dix (Daniel Hitt Kincheloe4, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)80 was born 1868 in West Virginia.


Children of WILLIAM J. DIX are:

i. Robert6 Dix80.

ii. John Mark Dix80.In 1968 Dr. John Mark Dix was a resident of St. Louis, Missouri.

iii. Letha Dix80. In 1968 Letha Dix was a resident of California.


23.  Harriet5 Dix (Daniel Hitt Kincheloe4, Elizabeth3 Reger, Mary Sarah2 Jackson, John Jackson1 Sr.)80 was born 25 December 1875 in Upshur County, West Virginia, and died 01 December 1968 in Upshur County, West Virginia81.  She married FRENCH Augustus Sexton82 26 October 1904 in Upshur County, West Virginia83, son of Freeman Sexton and Virginia M.  He was born 25 December 1866 in Upshur County, West Virginia, and died 04 May 1941 in Upshur County, West Virginia. Both buried Heavner Cemetery, Upshur County, West Virginia.


Obit.  “Mrs. Sexton Dies At Age 93 Sunday

Mrs. French Sexton, 93, who lived with her daughter, Mrs. Robert E. Johnson, at 54 College Avenue, died  on Sunday afternoon at 12:30 at her home.

Mrs. Sexton was born Dec. 25, 1874, in Kanawha County, a daughter of the late Rev. Daniel K. and America Young Dix.  Her husband, French A. Sexton, a former Buckhannon merchant died in 1942.

Besides her daughter, she is survived by a grandson, French Earl Johnson, of Titusville, Fla.; two great grandsons, John Mark and Douglas Scott, of Titusville, a nephew, Dr. John Mark Dix, of St. Louis, Mo., and a niece, Miss Letha Dix, of California.

Funeral services were held at the Whitescarver -Rundio Funeral Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock with the Rev. Dr. Ralph C. Brown and the Rev. Harry Jenkins officiating and burial was made in the Heavner Cemetery.”  Buckhannon Record Dec. 4, 1968

Her will was probated Dec. 4, 1968


i. Florence6 Sexton, m. Robert E. Johnson.



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Contributor: Nancy A. Jackson

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