Heirloom Quilt at 2016 Reunion

Rose Powell brought a family heirloom quilt to display. Included is her description of her Aunt Lane’s Crazy Quilt as well as detailed shots of the quilt taken by Dewayne Lowther.


“Lane Bush Lewis was the youngest and last surviving child of Cecilia Jackson Bush Bonnett.   Lane lived in the family home her entire life.  After her husband, Urban Lewis, died, one of the ways Lane occupied her time was to sew quilts.   This “Crazy Quilt” pattern was Lane’s modification of the original Crazy Quilt pattern which was prized in the homes of women in the early 1900- 1930s.   Lane’s quilt was made in 1979 when Lane was 87 years of age.  The quilt was given to her grand neice, Rose Ella Bowman Powell as a wedding gift.  Rose Ella was expected to do the hand embroidery along the seams which she has yet to do. ‘’

Rose Ella Bowman Powell, August 1, 2016


A longer description on Crazy Quilts and how her Aunt Lane made them written by Rose Powell.

quilts & decorations 3

quilts & decorations 4

quilts & decorations 5


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