Meeting People While Waiting for Car Caravans

While we waited for the car caravans to get started, many of us met new people, chatted, and took pictures.  Here are some people I photographed.

 JB Reunion 2014 047 Nancy Jackson’s brother Bill, his son Steve Jackson, and Dan Hyde.  Photo by Dan’s wife Mary Jane Hyde. JB Reunion 2014 045Ginnie and Dewayne Lowther

JB Reunion 2014 044Ginnie and Dewayne Lowther’s daughter Paula Lowther McGrew and her husband Gary McGrew

JB Reunion 2014 043Gayle and Roger Robey

JB Reunion 2014 042Bob Williams and Jane Hilder

JB Reunion 2014 041Lesley Tompkins, two of her boys and Doug Powless

Gayle Robey pics 03Maggy Brown and husband John Brown, John’s parents Patricia and George Brown.  Photo by Gayle Robey.

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