Membership Eligibility in Jackson Brigade Corporation

1. Any person, whether related to the family or not, upon subscribing to its purposes and paying annual dues, shall hold a membership in the Jackson Brigade Corporation. This membership shall include all persons of a household living at the same mailing address. These persons are referred to as members.
2. Historical, genealogical, and library organizations, and similar institutions shall hold a membership, upon paying annual dues.
3. Honorary membership may be conferred by a vote of the membership at a general meeting or by vote of the Executive Committee at other times.
4. The membership year shall coincide with the fiscal year of the Jackson Brigade Corporation, beginning on August 1st and ending July 31st, the following year.

Benefits of Membership

1. Contact with relatives and learn about your heritage.
2. A subscription to the Jackson Brigade Quarterly.
3. Opportunity to submit articles for publication in the Quarterly.
4. Opportunity to submit queries for publication in the Quarterly.
5. Opportunity to submit material for the Jackson Brigade website.
6. Attend our periodic family reunions.

Jackson Brigade Membership Form

Membership is for August 1 to July 31. Please print, fill out and mail form through U. S. Post.
Subscription/Dues: payable by August 31st – $20.00 per year. This includes four (4) issues of the Jackson Brigade Quarterly, membership and free queries. Make checks out to: Jackson Brigade Corporation, c/o Winnetta Kennedy, 7840 Shady Lane, Northfield, Ohio 44067-2732.


Jackson Brigade Membership Form – printable version(.pdf)


___ New Membership Dues $20.00 per household (covers primarily our Jackson Brigade Quarterly costs)

___ Renewal $20.00 per household ($25 if received AFTER August 31st)

___ Donations (help subsidize reunions, administrative costs, cemetery upkeep, and other organizational needs) $ ____________

Name: ________________________________________________________________ Phone: (____) _____________


Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: _____ Zip: _______________

If applicable, please indicate from which of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins’ children your family descends: ___ George ___ Edward ___ John Jr. ___ Elizabeth ___ Sophia ___ Mary Sarah ___ Samuel ___ Henry

The Jackson Brigade has my permission to publish my address in its annual directory. ___ Yes ___ No