Memorial Service

At every Jackson Brigade Reunion we hold a Memorial Service to honor the descendants of John and Elizabeth Cummins Jackson and their spouses who have died since the last Reunion.

Memorial Service Program


JB Reunion 2014 019
Nancy Jackson, chair of the Reunion Committee, welcomes us to the Memorial Service.

JB Reunion 2014 020
Nancy Jackson reads off the names of the deceased as someone inserts a rose in the vase for each individual.

JB Reunion 2014 021Rose Powell inserts a rose for an individual.

JB Reunion 2014 026

Ray Clark inserts a rose for a relative dear to him.

JB Reunion 2014 025

Gayle Robey waits for her turn.

JB Reunion 2014 024  Winnetta Kennedy inserts a rose.JB Reunion 2014 022Bill Jackson and his sister Nancy Jackson wait to insert a rose.

JB Reunion 2014 023

Bill Jackson inserts a rose.

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