Marriages of Jacksons who descended from John and Elizabeth Cummins Jackson

Marriages of Jacksons who descended from John and Elizabeth Cummins Jackson – Selected Counties of West Virginia; Formerly Virginia

Compiled by Nancy Jackson,
A Descendant of Col. Edward Jackson and John Jackson Jr.
I have tried to transcribe these in an accurate manner. If you feel there is an error in recording, contact me.
Nancy Jackson, July 3, 1999

George Jackson Line

Wood Co., (W)V\WV

  • John J. Jackson m. 29 June 1823 Emma Beeson Bk1:24.
  • John J. Jackson m. 17 Jul. 1843 Jane Gardner Bk1:55.
  • James M. Jackson (Attorney at Law) age 38 and Widower; b. Wood Co., s\o John J. and Emma G. Jackson; m. 16 Feb. 1864 Lucy F. Kincheloe age 25 b. Wood Co., d\o George W. and Hannah Kincheloe. Bk 2:20.
  • Mary Emma Jackson age 20, d\o James M. and Helen S. Jackson ; m. 25 Nov. 1873 Francis V. Rathbone, age 22 b. Wirt Co., s\o Jnothan V. and Anna M. Rathbone. Bk2:61.76.
  • James M. Jackson Jr. age 28; b. Wood Co.; m. 5 Jun. 1883 Sophia Rathbone b. Wirt Co. Bk 2:116.Note:
  • Sophia Rathbone Jackson age 45, b. Wirt Co.; m. 1905 Leonard Hayes Poole, age 47 b. Montgomery Co., MD and residing Washington DC. Bk14:350.
  • Helen Sophia Jackson, age 19 b. Wood Co.; m. 7 Jun. 1911 FM (Fred Meal) Cochran age 21, b. Allegheny Co., NY. Bk19:213.
  • William Wirt Jackson age 44, b. Pleasnt Co., WV and residing Gallia Co., OH; m.1 Jun. 1905 Bessie May Curry age 25. Bk249.
  • America Jackson m. 2 Feb.1857 (at the the home of Gen. J.J. Jackson) W.H. Small. Bk.1:75
  • Anna E. Jackson age 23, b. Parkersburg, d\o J.J. and Emma Jackson; m. 20 Apr. 1870 Harwood Neal (merchant) age 24, s\o L.P. and Mary Harwood.
  • H. C. Jackson (in pencil was written Henry Clay) age 23, b. Parkersburg, s\o John J. and Jane b. Jackson; m. 27 Apr. 1871 Annie DeCamps age 20, b. Wellsburg, d\ o T or F. J. and Julia DeCamps. Bk2:52.
  • Andrew G. Jackson, age 30, b. Wood Co.; m. 24 Nov. 1886 Mary P. Shattuck, age. 22, b. Wood Co. Bk. 2:135.
  • Callie O? Jackson, age 22, b. Wood Co.; m. 21 Sept. 1875 William Haimes Smith, age 27, b. Jackson Co., VA. Bk 2:69
  • Fannie B. Jackson, age 22, b. Parkersburg, d\o Jno J. and JEB Jackson; m. 29 Apr. 1869 George W. Thompson, age 23, b. Wheeling (OH Co.), s\o G.W. and E.S. Thompson. George was a merchant at time of marriage. Bk2:43
  •  John J. Jackson m. 17 Jul. 1843 Jane Gardner. Bk1:55

Harrison Co.

  • Catherine Jackson, d\o George; m. 26 Aug. 1800 William Williams. Bk 1:48
  • Mary Jackson (Wm. Williams -guardian) m. 20 Feb. 1817 Seely Selvanus. Bk2:59
  • James M. Jackson m. 2 Mar. 1842 Caroline V. Moore Bk 3:159.
  • Thomas Moore Jackson age 32, b. Harrison Co., s\o James M. and Caroline M. Jackson; m. 28 Oct. 1884 Emeline Lewis, age 28, b. Harrison Co., d\o Charles and Maria L. Lewis. Bk 5:172.
  • Sarah Jackson m. 20 Nov. 1806 Daniel Kincheloe. Bk1:90
  • William L. Jackson m.between Oct. 1819 & Sept. 1820 Harriet B. Wilson, d\o Benjamin. Bk2:84.Note: Harriet B. Jackson m. 16 Aug. 1838 Thomas Stinchcomb. Bk 3:114
  • Florence Jackson, age 32, b. Harrison Co., d\o Thomas Moore Jackson and Emma; m. 29 Sept. 1923 Edgar Needham, age 35, b. Wayne Co., IN, s\o George S. and Abigail Needham. Bk 37:342.
  • Mary Jackson, d\o J.G. Jackson m. 11 Nov. 1824 John J. Allen. Bk3:25.
  • Caroline S. Jackson m. 2 Feb. 1832 Michael D. Gittings. Bk3:67
  • Columbia M. Jackson m. 17 Mar. 1840 James A. Duncan. Bk3:135
  • Indianna Jackson m. 14 Jun 1849 William P. McKinney Bk 4:5
  • Elizabeth Jackson m. 4 Jul. 1798 Jacob Means Bk1:39
  • Floride C. Jackson m. 3 Mar. 1842 John A. Duncan Bk3:170

      Lewis Co.

  • Margaret E. Jackson m. 17 Apr. 1846 Jonathan M. Bennett.
  • Ella Bennett Jackson, age 30, b. Lewis Co., d\o alfred h. and Mary B. Jackson; m. 16 Apr. 1890 Matthew Edmiston, age 33, b. Lewis Co., s\o Matthew and Minerva Edmiston. Bk 6:11
  • Catherine Jackson m. 24 Oct. 1848 Gibson J. Butcher. Bk. 3:5(Note: this is the Gibson that Stonewall replaced at West Point)
  • Eliza G. Jackson m 19 Nov. 1850 Cornelius P. Hurley Bk3:30

Edward Jackson Line

Harrison Co.

  • Edward Jackson m. 13 Oct. 1799 Elizabeth Brake, d/o John Brake. Bk1:42
  • Mary Jackson, d\o Edward Jackson m. 30 Nov. 1820 Isaac Brake. Bk 3:1
  • David Jackson, s\o Edward m. 2 Nov. 18 –Juliet Norris
  • Rachel Jackson, m. 10 Sept. 1815 Jacob Brake. Bk2:27
  • Rebecca Jackson m. 19 Dec. 1811 George White. Bk2:4

Lewis Co

  • Margaret E. Jackson age 20, d\o James M. and Eleanor Jackson; m. 4 Apr. 1861 Andrew G. Greathouse, age 23, b. Harrison Co., s\o Gabriel and Mary Greathouse. Bk4:1861
  • Catherine Jackson m. 25 Apr. 1824 John White Bk1:33
  • Margaret Jackson m7 Mar. 1833 Thompson Hall. Bk2:1
  • Elizabeth C. Jackson, b. IN, d\o Andrew and Mary Jackson; m. 14 Sept.1865 Charles L. Persinger, age 24, b. Battecort Co., VA, s\o Aaron and Mary Ann Persinger. Bk5:29
  • Zeffie M. Jackson, age 21, b. Lewis Co.; m. 18 Jun. 1892; Bird Keister, age 25, b. Gilmer Co. Bk7:40
  • James M. Jackson m. 4 Dec. 1836 Eleanor Law Bk2:14
  • James M. Jackson m 31 Dec. 1851 Susan Bailey. Bk3:45
  • Mary Ellen Jackson, age 21, b. Lewis Co., d\o J. Madison and Eleanor Jackson; m. 21 Oct 1866 John A. Cunningham, age 24, b. Pocahontas Co., s\o Aglin and Susan Cunningham. Bk5:33
  • Mary Isabelle Jackson, age 20, born Owen Co., IN, d\o Andrew and Mary Jackson; m. 26 Dec. 1867 Samuel D. Walker, age 21, b. Lewis Co., s\o William and Mary Walker. Bk5:40
  • Mary J\I Jackson m 17 Jul 1834 John H. Hays. Bk2:3
  • Nancy E. Jackson , age 28, b. Lewis Co., d\o James M. and Eleanor Jackson; m 23 Aug. 1871 David J. Hays, age 35, b. Lewis, s\o John H and Mary J. Hays. Bk5:53
  • Nancy N. Jackson, age 40, b. Lewis Co.; m 28 Oct. 1855 Minor C. Hall, age 39, Sheriff, b. Lewis Co., s\o Richard Hall. Bk5:5

Wood Co.

  • Jonathan Jackson m 28 Sept. 1817 Judith B. Neale. Bk1:14(Note: parents of Gen. Stonewall Jackson)

John Jackson Jr. Line

Harrison Co.

  • John Jackson Jr. m. 10 Apr. 1786 Rebecca Haddan, d/o David Haddan. Bk1:4
  • John Jackson Jr. m. 2 Jul. 1797 Elizabeth Cozad, d\o Jacob Cozad. Bk1:35
  • Sarah Jackson m 22 Dec. 1814 Alexander Ireland. Bk2:21

Lewis Co.

  • Mary Nancy Jackson age 22, b. Lewis Co., d\o Jacob C. and Ruie C. Jackson m. 18 Nov. 1908 Joseph Thomas Harley age 22, b. Allegheny Co., PA, s\o John and Mary Harley; Joseph residing Meigs Co., OH. Bk12:143
  • Elizabeth Jackson m. 20 Jan. 1825 William M. McNulty. Bk 1:35(Note: Elizabeth was the 2nd wife of John Jackson Jr. who d. 1821)
  • Randolph Jackson m. 10 Feb. 1848 Mary D. Linger. Bk 3:1
  • Randolph Jackson age 63, b. Lewis Co., s\o Jacob J. Jackson m.10 Jun. 1900 Elizabeth Snow age 73, b. Greene Co., VA, d\o Elizabeth Snow. Bk9:181
  • Margaret H. Jackson m. 17 Dec. 1835 Job Hinkle. Bk2:10
  • Cecelia B. Jackson b. Lewis Co., d\o Jacob J. and Permelia Jackson; m. 1 Feb. 1871 Jacob H. Bush, b. Lewis Co., s\o Jacob and Elizabeth Bush.
  • Rosa Argatha Jackson, age 34, b. Lewis Co., d\o Jacob C. and Ruie C. Jackson; m. 9 Jun. 1908 B.F. Leedy (Benjamin Franklin), age 38, b. Knox, OH, s\o Isaac B. and Mary Leedy, residing San Francisco, CA. Bk12:212
  • Lillie Jackson, age 23, d\o George W. and Mattie C. Jackson; m. 27 Aug. 1902 Arthur Scott Greathouse, age 21, b. Upshur Co., s/o James and CandeliaGreathouse. Bk10:72
  • Ruth Jackson, age 21, b. Lewis Co., d\o John C. and Phoebe Jackson; m. 31 May 1913 John W. and Addie Kemper. Bk13:348
  • Jessie Maud, age 20, b. Lewis Co., d/o Jacob C. and Rhuea Jackson; m. 4 Jul 1900 J. Elmore Fisher, age 33, b. Gilmer Co., s\o George W. and Samantha Fisher. Bk9:193
  • Hattie Maggie Jackson, age22, b. Lewis Co, d\o Jacob C. and Ruie C. Jackson; m. 6 Jun. 1910 Clark Arnold Chevalier, age 22, b. Gallia Co., OH, s\o Charles and naoma Chevalier. Bk12:331
  • George R. Jackson m. 27 Apr. 1837 Cecilia McNulty. Bk2:15
  • Marietta Jackson, age 25, b. Lewis Co., d\o George R. and Cecelia Jackson; m. 23 Nov. 1865 David T. Peterson, age 27, b. Lewis Co., s\o Ison and Liddie Peterson. Bk 5:30
  • Martha E. Jackson m. 16 Jan. 1851 Nathaniel Bush. Bk3:35
  • Mary Jackson m. Apr. 1822 Joseph Guseman. Bk1:17
  • Jacob J. Jackson m. 15 Oct. 1850 Permelia Frances Watson. Bk3:22Note: Permelia F. Jackson, age 34, b. Fluvanah Co., VA, d\o John F. and Mary Watson; m. 21 June 1860 Jacob W. Hudson, age 48, b. Shenadoah Co., VA, s\o Jacob and Regana Hudson. Bk5:16
  • John C. Jackson, age 25, b. Lewis Co., s\o J.J. Jackson; m. 18 Oct. 1857 Hannah S. Jackson, age 19, b. Harrison Co., d\o Stephen P. Jackson. Bk5:10
  • John Columbus Jackson, age 47, b. Lewis Co.; m. 1880 Pheobe E.A. Kidd, age 25. Bk5:90
  • Catherine E. Jackson, age 19, b. Lewis Co., d\o Randolph and Mary A. Jackson; m. 1 Sept. 1868 Ison Curtis, age 24\29, b. Lewis Co., s\o George W. and Mary Curtis. Bk5:42
  • Cecelia A. Jackson, age 22, b. Lewis Co.; m 4 Jan. 1874 Edwin Lee Smith, age 23, b. Lewis Co. Bk5:61
  • Willir Anziner Jackson, age 21, b. Lewis Co., d\o Jacob C. and Ruir C. Jackson; m. 19 Jun. 1904 E.R. Kirkpatrick (Everett Ross), age 23, b. Ritchie Co., s\o M.A. Kirpatrick. Bk10:349
  • Winifred E. Jackson m. 8 Jul. 1845 George W. Miller. Bk2:112
  • Margaret D. Jackson, age 18, b. Lewis Co., d\o Jacob J. and Permelia F. Jackson; m. 15 Mar. 1871 Robert E. Bush, age 27, b. Lewis Co., s\o Jacob and Elizabeth Bush. Bk5:52
  • Jacob C. Jackson, age 24, b. Lewis Co.; m. 5 Mar. 1874 Ruey C. Lawson, age 18, b. Lewis Co. Bk5:62
  • Rebecca A. Jackson m. 5 Feb. 1850 Isaac P. Teter. Bk3:34
  • C.H. (Columbus Harley) Jackson, age 31, b. Lewis Co. s\o Jacob C. and Ruie C. Jackson, residing Mahoning Co., OH; m. 21 Jun. 1905 I.M. (Iva May) Radabaugh, age 28, b. Lewis Co., d\o Calvin and Almira Radabaugh. Bk12:66
  • Sarah Ann Jackson m. 24 Apr. 1834 William Sexton Bk2:2

Upshur Co.

  • Minter Jackson 35 yrs. b. Lewis Co. s\o E.H. and R. Jackson m. 20 Dec. 1860 Harriet Cummins 21 yrs. b. Lewis Co. d\o James E. and __ Cummins. Bk1853:10

Samuel Jackson Line

Harrison Co. 

  • Polly Jackson m. 3 Sept. 1820 Leonard Brake. Bk3:48

Henry Jackson Line

Lewis Co.

  • Henry Jackson m 24 Apr. 1836 Elizabeth Shreves. Bk 2:15
    (Note: 2nd marriage)
  • Henry Jackson m. 15 Feb. 1836 Lydia Reger. Bk 2:10
    (Note: this would be Henry Jr.)
  • Amanda Jackson m. 24 Nov. 1836 Daniel Pribble. Bk2:15

Upshur Co.

  • Ulysses G. Jackson 21yrs b. Upshur Co. m. 28 Nov. 1889 Ida J. Warner 17 yrs. b. Upshur Co. Bk2:276.
  • A.V. Marteney 22yrs. b. Barbour Co. m. 3 Feb. 1865 A. Jackson 16 yrs. b. Barbour Co. Bk1853:14.
  • Russel Snyder Jackson 19 yrs. b. Barbour Co. s\o L.M. and Reka Jackson m. 20 Aug. 1931 Mabel Martha Hinkle 22yrs b. Upshur Co. d\o _L and Leola Hinkle. Both res. Hall, WV.Bk18:214
  • James A. Jackson 22yrs. 6 mo b. Upshur Co. s\o Henry and Elizabeth Jackson m. 25 Dec. 1862 Nancy Marteney 17 yrs. 6 mo. b. Barbour Co. d\o Daniel and Docas Marteney. Bk1853:11
  • G.D.C. Jackson 24 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o Henry and Elizabeth Jackson m. 12 Oct. 1876 Sarah C. Mowry 19 yrs. b. Upshur Co. d\o John and Elizabeth Mowry. Bk1853:37
  • Zola Mandel Jackson 19yrs. b. Upshur Co. d\o U.G. and Ida Jackson m. 17 Sept. 1927 Elza Raymond Dean 19 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o Loyd and Virginia Dean. Bk17:35
  • Minter J. Jackson 21 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o ___and E.C. Jackson m. 30 Jan. 1909 Mary Booth 21 yrs b. Upshur Co. d\o George and Ellen Booth. Both res. Hall, WV. Bk9:229
  • Hattie M. Jackson 22yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o M.O. and Lummie Jackson m. 25 Jan. 1887 Newton Lanham 17 yrs. b. Upshur Co. d\o Perry and Mary J. Lanham. Both res. Upshur Co. Bk1:396.
  • Marion O. Jackson 27 yrs. b. Lewis Co. s\o Henry and Elizabeth Jackson m. 28 Jul. 1869 Columbia Dean b. Upshur Co. d\o Marshall and Louisa Dean. Both res. Upshur Co. Bk 1853:24
  • Laco M. Jackson 22 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o Camden and Sarah Jackson m. 1 Apr. 1905 Reka Eva Snyder 20 yrs. b. Randolph Co. d\o J.C. and Rachel Snyder. Both res. Hall, WV. Bk8:19
  • Samuel D. Jackson 22yrs. 1 mo 15da b. Randolph Co. s\o Henry and Elizabeth Jackson m. 12 Sept. 1861 Martha E. Marple 15 yrs. 1mo 17 da b. Barbour Co.d\o Moses and Eliz? Marple. Bk1853:8
  • Melissa Jackson 16 yrs b. Lewis Co. d\o Henry and Elizabeth Jackson m. 17 Jan. 1858 James R. Lowe 21 yrs. b. Nelson Co., VA s\o George W. and JudeLow. Both res. Upshur Co. Bk 1853:5
  • Clipso Jackson (female) 25 yrs. b. Upshur Co. d\o S.D. and Martha E. Jackson m. 2 Jun. 1903 Clarence Barb 29 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o Stansberry and ____ Barb. Bk7:141
  • Esta Jackson 22 yrs. b. Upshur Co. d\o S.D. and Martha Jackson m. 11 Nov. 1902 at U.B. Parsonage at Burnsville, Gilmer Co., WV Everett H. Loudin 26 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o L.W. and Low Loudin. Bk7:64
  • Ethel Rose Jackson 20 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o M.C. and May Jackson m. 4 Mar. 1911 Arthur Lee Hall 23 yrs. b. Barbour Co. s\o David and Martha Hall. Bk10:135
  • Lillian G. Jackson 23 yrs. b. Upshur Co. d\o M.C. and May Jackson m. 7 Aug. 1912 F.C. Kruth 23 yrs. b. Allegheny Co., PA s\o Joseph and Mary Kruth. Bk. 10:336
  • Elizabeth Jackson (widow) 50 yrs b. Lewis Co. d\o J and E. Shreve m. 10 Dec. 1864 Samuel Sayre 66 yrs. (widower) b. Harrison Co. s\o J and E. Sayre. Bk1853:13
  • Oren Robert Jackson 21 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o Ulysses Grand and Ida Jane Jackson m. 24 Mar. 1939 Lillian Mariah Waugaman 26 yrs. b. Upshur Co. d\o Ira and Della Waugaman. Bk 21:81
  • Erma Gertrude Jackson 21yrs b. Upshur Co. d\o U.G. and Ida J. Jackson m. 22 Apr. 1922 Beryle M. Cumpton 24 yrs. b. Barbour Co. s\o E.H. and J.E. Cumpton. He was res. Grafton, Taylor Co., WV and she Vegan, Upshur Co., WV. Bk14:316
  • James Randall Jackson b. 14 Aug. 1956 Buckhannon, Upshur Co. s\o James M. and Jean Louise Leaseburg Jackson m. 30 Jun 1975 Sheila Faye Brown b. 10 Jan. 1960 Buckhannon, WV d\o Carl Franklin Brown and Mary Louise (Lane) Braun. Bk34:113
  • Russel Wayne Jackson b. 3 May 1960 Buckhannon, WV s\o James Minter and Jean Louise (Leaseburge) Jackson m. 9 Mar. 1985 Betsy Ann McClain b. 23 Sept. 1959 Swickley, PA d\o Herbert O’Neal and Elizabeth Cora (Lager) McClain. Bk37:185
  • Pamela Kay Jackson b. 17 Oct. 1951 Buckhannon, WV d\o Edward L. and Jean (Mick) Jackson m. 17 Apr. 1971 John Brooks b. 17 Feb. 1950 Buckhannon s\o Hinkle J.D. Hinkle Jr. and Maxine (Fleming) Hinkle Bk31:61
  • Laura Willard Jackson 22 yrs. b. Upshur Co.d\o Minter J. and Mary Jackson m. 8 Aug. 1934 Berlin, Lewis Co., WV Carlton Etchison Montgomery 23 yrs. b. Upshur Co. s\o Dr. J.L and Ethel Montgomery. Bk 19:256
  • Warren Jackson b. 31 May 1921 Upshur Co. s\o M.J. and Mary V. Booth Jackson m. 11 Mar. 1967 Reta Carol Jacks b. 27 Feb. 1941 Baldwin, WV d\o Florist C. Woofter and Margie Adams. Bk 29:343
  • Terry Lynn Jackson b. 25 Dec. 1962 d\o James and Jean (Leaseburge) Jackson m. 2 Dec. 1983 Winchester Fredrick Co., VA Bryan Jay Karickhoff b. 27 Feb. 1960 s\o Dale and Mary (West) Karickhoff. Bk 36:454
  • Roscoe C. Jackson age 34, s\o S. D. and M. E. Jackson, b. Upshur Co, WV; res. Hall, Upshur Co., WV; m.2 Nov. , 1910 Madge Radabaugh age 30 b. Upshur Co., WV; res. Macedonia, Upshur Co., WV. Bk12:198
  • Glen S. Jackson age 20, s\o Grant and Ida Jackson, b. Upshur Co., WV; m. 8 Sept. , 1915 Claudia See, age 21, d\o S. B. and Debbie See, b. Upshur Co., WV. Bk13:88
  • Henrietta Arizona “Zona” Jackson, age 47 and single, d\o Dexter and Martha Jackson, b. Upshur Co., WV; m. 3 Sept. 1918 James Newcome, age 55 and widower, s\o Zachariah and Martha Newcome, b. Rockbridge. Bk13, 144
  • Cora E. Jackson, age 21, d\o M. O. and Eunice Jackson, res. Upshur Co., WV; m. 18 Oct. 1894 G. L. (Gilbert L.) Kesling, age 22, s\o Minor and Lucinda Kesling, res. Swamp Run, Upshur Co., WV. Bk4:110
  • Effie Jackson, age 22, d\o U.G. and Ida Jackson, b. Upshur Co., WV; m. 11 Apr. 1914 Nick Dean, age 23, s\o L.D. and Selma Dean, b. Upshur Co., WV, res. Gawthrop, Upshur Co., WV. Bk11:191

Ritchie Co.

  • Isaac A. Jackson 21 yrs. b. Barbour Co., (W)V s\o H.J. and Liddie Jackson m. 14 Oct. 1858 Mary S. Marshall 16 yrs. b. Albemarle Co., VA d\o Greenville and Francis Marshall. Both res. Richie Co. Bk 1900:5
  • Freemont Jackson 20 yrs. b. Ritchie Co. m. 29 Mar. 1899 Alice Cain 18 yrs. b. Ritchie Co. Bk 1895:102
  • Ulysses P. Jackson 23 yrs. b. Ritchie Co. m. 24 Mar. 1892 Martha Heck 21 yrs. b. Ritchie Co. Bk. 1:77

Wirt Co. 

  • Ulysses Jackson 27 yrs. b. Ritchie Co. s\o Henry J. and Lydia Jackson m. 5 Aug. 1877 Mary C. Foutty 24 yrs. b. Ritchie Co. d\o Ranson and Mary L. Foutty. Bk 1

Compiled and submitted by Nancy Jackson in 1999.

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