Descendants of Floride Calhoun Jackson

Descendants of Floride Calhoun Jackson

Generation No. 1


1.Floride Calhoun4 Jackson (John George3, George2, John1) was born Aft. July 1824 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (West) Virginia, and died 1903. Burial: 1903, IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia. She married John S. Duncan 03 March 1842 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia1, son of Edwin Duncan and Prudence Wilson. He was born 1820, and died 07 April 1853 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia. Burial: Aft. 07 April 1853, Historic Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.
Will of John S. Duncan, Harrison County Bk6:122: entire estate left to ux Floride; written April 1853; probated September 1853.


Children of Floride Jackson and John Duncan are:

2                 i.    John S.5 Duncan, Jr. born December 1849 in (West) Virginia; died September 1854 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia. He died at age 5y10 from fire wounds. Burial: September 1854, Historic Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.

3                ii.    Edwin S. Duncan, born 17 August 1844 in (West) Virginia; died 23 May 1866. Burial: Aft. 23 May 1866, IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.

4               iii.    Ernest Allen Duncan, born 21 February 1847 in (West) Virginia; died 13 December 1873 in Atlantic Ocean2.He died at age 26y9m21d.

5               iv.    Gay J. Duncan, born 1852 in (West) Virginia; died 1904 in Harrison County, West Virginia. Burial: 1904, IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.


Gay J. Duncan Will


Will Bk:8:251-254, probated Sept 8, 1904.


I, Gay J. Duncan do make and publish this my last will and testament…
I will and direct that out of my estate all my just debts and liabilities be first paid, including funeral expenses.
In the event same are not erected by me in my lifetime, I will and direct that a monument at a cost of three hundred dollars be placed at the grave of my deceased Mother Floride C. Duncan, and one at my grave at cost of like amount, to be paid for out of my estate as hereinafter provided and I request W. T. Bland to select the style and kind of monuments, and to write the inscriptions for same, and also that a large vase or urn be placed at the graves of my Mother and myself. Also that the monuments at the graves of my brothers Edwin S. and Ernest A. Duncan be reset and placed in good condition, and that markers be placed at the grave of Charles Brown.
I do will and bequeath to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Clarksburgh, W. Va. as trustee, or if such order rejects the trust then to W. T. Bland, the sum of Five Hundred dollars, in trust however, as follows: such sum to be loaned at interest and the income, with the exception of Five dollars therefrom to be applied to repairing and keeping in condition the graves and monuments at same, of my Mother F. C. Duncan, of my said brothers, of myself, and the lot in general. That said sum of five dollars be expended each year to clean up and keep in condition the Jackson enclosure in which my Grandfather John G. Jackson and my father John S. Duncan are buried, such enclosure being in the burial ground or cemetery known as the Jackson graveyard, in East end of Clarksburgh.
To Meigs and William T. Bland in equal interests I will devise and bequeath the following property situate in the City of Clarksburgh, County of Harrison, State of W. Va., to wit, a certain lot with dwelling house and appurtenances, where on I and my deceased Mother so long resided, and where I now reside and being the same property conveyed by E. S. Duncan and wife, both now deceased, to Jno S. Duncan, dec’d. by deed dated the 20th day of Nov 1852, and of record in the Clerks Office of the County Court of Harrison County, W. Va., in Deed Book 44, folio 171, to which deed reference is here made, for a fuller description, such property extending from Pike Street to Elk Creek in Clarksburgh, also to Meigs and to Wm. T. Bland in equal interests I will and bequeath Certificate of Stock, number 15087, dated January 6, 1903 for seventeen shares of stock in the Standard Oil Co., and all rights and property evidenced by it. The property willed, devised and bequeathed to W. T. Bland shall be his absolutely, and that portion to Meigs Bland I do devise and bequeath to W. T. Bland in trust, however for Meigs, with full power in said trustee, W. T. Bland, to sell, convey, lease, loan or otherwise manage the same, paying the net income to Meigs Bland, and I vest my said Trustee, Wm. T. Bland with full power to convey by deed assignment, or other transfer such interest of Meigs Bland (so devised in trust) to Meigs Bland, whenever in the judgement of my said trustee he believes it proper to submit such property interest to Meigs’ own keeping, control and ownership.   To Meigs and Wm. T. Bland I give and bequeath a certain note dated January 22, 1904 in amount six hundred dollars executed by Meigs and W. T. Bland and payable to the order of myself, to be their property absolutely. As to the real estate herein before devised to Meigs and W. T. Bland I direct and request W. T. Bland as devisee and trustee to remove the dwelling house thereon, by burning all the material constituting same with the exception of hearths, mantles, doors, inside shutters, bath room and laundry fixtures, heater and tilings, all of which I give and devise to W. T. Bland to be his absolutely.
To W. T. Bland as trustee I will and bequeath Certificate No 895 for seventeen shares of stock in the Standard Oil Co., and dated July 10, 1899 in trust, however, for Augustine J. Smith, said trustee to have full power and authority to turn over and transfer by assignment or other wise to Augustine J. Smith such certificate No 895, whenever in his opinion it would be safe and proper to do so, and until such surrender trustee shall pay the net income thereon to Augustine J. Smith.
In the event any of the following property included and described in Plat recorded Sept 13, 1902 in Deed Book 132, p. 66, and Plat recorded November 4, 1901, Deed Book 126, p. 221 all in Clerks office of the County Clerk of Harrison Co., W. Va. shall remain unsold, at the time of my death I do will and devise the same to Augustine J. Smith to be his absolutely. If sold before my death then the funds, liens and other evidences of indebtedness to be divided as hereafter provided.
To Mollie Jackson I give and bequeath Certificates of stock No C 1363 in United States Steel Corporation, being for eleven shares of stock, and dated Dec. 10, 1901.
To Stonewall Jackson, her brother, I give and bequeath certificate of Stock No C 45485 six shares of stock in United States Steel Corporation, and dated April 21, 1903.
To Mrs. Columbia Thorn I give and bequeath Certificate No. B 15085 dated January 10, 1903 for six shares stock in National Lead Co.
To Dr. J. M. Bowcock, senior, or wife, I give and bequeath the sum of Five hundred dollars.
To Martha Jones and to Amelia Wilkes I give and bequeath the sum of Five Hundred dollars.
All the rest and residue of my estate whether real or personal, and whereever situate, I, with the specific legacies hereinafter stated excepted, will, devise, and bequeath to Meigs Bland, W. T. Bland and Augustine J. Smith in equal one third interests to be their property, absolutely.
I do make the following specific legacies, I give to W. T. Bland, two old Battle pictures, and Declaration of Independence, the old embroidered picture by Sophia Meigs, Two framed heads of Napoleon and Louise, mirror given me by Aunt Columbia Bland, Family Bible, Porcelain type miniature of Mother, Ernest and self, all pictures of Aunt Columbia, Uncle Wm. and all family pictures and photographs not otherwise disposed of specifically, Two long gold watch chains, one of which has diamond in slide, Gold medal won by E. A. Duncan at University of Va, Miniatures of my Father, Set maple furniture dresser, wash stand, stand and stool, old chest in hall.
I give to Meigs Bland the two copies of portraits of Grandfather and Grandmother Meigs, Large extension Dining table, Light oak bed room set of dresser, stand and wash stand with marble top, with one white iron and brass bed and mattress and pillows.
I give to Mrs. Lummie Thorn all table cloths and napkins, also old bureau in upper front hall with contents.
I give to Alice, (Mrs. Will Lewis) my large steamer trunk with contents.
I give to Augustine J. Smith the silver soup ladle, from Smith estate, all not otherwise disposed of specifically, all music, books and sheet, Piano stool, rack and stand, all professional photographs Dark oak dresser, wash stand wardrobe oak stand, Large Mahogony table, Diamond earring to set in rig, and seal ring.
Book cases in library I give to Mrs. Ella Wade.
I give to Mrs. Lizzie Allen and unmarried daughters following walnut furniture: Dresser with marble top, wash stand marble top, stand marble top, large round table, Mirror with walnut frame and brackets and marble slab, walnut wardrobe, one white iron and brass bed, with mattress and pillows, Best half blankets, sheets, pillow cases and towels in daily use at my house, Hat rack.
I give to Floride, Mrs. J. G. Kuykendall, best maple bed room set of dresser, chiffonier and wash stand and best white iron and brass bed and pillows and mattrass (sic) and red plush done by Mother, Mother’s watch, Two gold lace pins set with pearls, Lace and other curtains and cushions.
I give T. M. Jackson side board from Jackson estate, Two copies of portraits of Grandfather and Grandmother Jackson, and miniatures of same, all after dinner coffee cups and saucers, and after dinner tea spoons from Emma.
I give Ernest Duncan ½ doz table spoons and ½ doz. tea spoons to match, of solid silver, from Duncan estate, Large mirror in upper bath room, Large white gilt edge china Tea pot, all from Duncan estate, all pictures and miniatures of Grandfather Duncan, and of J. J. Duncan.
I give Cousin Madge, Mrs. Luther Haymond, all leather seated chairs, and all the upholstered furniture not otherwise disposed, with the exception of large terra-cotta plush rocking chair long red plush sofa, and large rocking chair with grey blue plush and brocade, which I direct to be burned up, Both writing desks, Two all wood cherry rocking chairs, Mothers and Aunt Columbia’s.
I give Mrs. Annie Alexander my sewing machine and white bed room set of dresser, wash stand, stool and all white chairs, one single white iron and brass bed stead with matrass (sic) and pillows.
I give, to be divided equally between Martha Jones and Amelia Wilkes, all kitchen ware and cooking utensels,(sic) The common blue and white and all white ware, all bed comforts, The most worn half of blankets, sheets, spread, pillow cases, towels and floor rugs in daily use in my house, The two white iron and brass beds having side rails and wire spring made together, mattrassses (sic) and pillows for same, Six chromo painting pictures, To Martha old dark oak wash stand, To Amelia cot bed with square legs, To divide kitchen chairs.
I will that all the finer china, silver, cut glass, and other glassware, bric a brac lace and embroidered pieces for table use be divided between Bertha Bland, Emma Jackson, Mrs. Gertrude Despard, Floride Kuykendall and Alice Lewis.
All the rest and residue contained in my house, 514 Pike St. to become the property of W. T. Bland and such part or portion as he does not elect to take unto his actual possession and keep, I request shall be destroyed by him, and at his death I request and direct that such portion take unto his possession shall be destroyed.
I do hereby revoke all other wills and codicils. I do hereby appoint and name William T. Bland Executor, without bond of this my last will and testament to carry out and execute carefully and fully my will and wishes herein contained.
In witness whereof I have here unto affixed my signature and seal

Gay Duncan (seal)

State of West Virginia

In the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Harrison County,

In vacation, September 8, 1904
John W. Davis this day presented to the Clerk of said Court, a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Gay J. Duncan, deceased, and offered the same for probate. Thereupon came Jno W. Davis and B. P. Holden who after being duly sworn, depose and say that they are well acquainted with the hand-writing of said Gay J. Duncan deceased and that the paper purporting to be her last will and testament is they verily believe, wholly in her own hand-writing, and the signature thereto is her own genuine signature; and that at the date of the said writing said testator was of sound mind and memory and over twenty one-years of age. The said will being thus fully proven is admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded and filed as directed by law.

Attest: Charles F. Holden, Clerk.


6                v.    Baby Duncan. No dates on tombstone. Burial: IOOF Cemetery, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia




1. Harrison County Marriages, Bk3:170.

2. Harrison County Death Record, Bk1:71.


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