Reunion 2014 Banquet

At 6 p.m. on Saturday we had a buffet family-style Banquet at the Mt. Vernon Dining Hall at Jackson’s Mill.  The menu was mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, tossed salad, rolls, dessert and choice of meat — baked steak or baked chicken.  The dessert was a cherry cobbler and vanilla ice cream which most of us put on top of the cobbler.  Here are pictures of the gang in Mt. Vernon Dining Hall.

JB Reunion 2014 161Gaige stuffs his face with salad.

JB Reunion 2014 159Three of Lesley Tompkins’ sons and Gaige Radar on left.  Raymond Jackson and wife Birdie on right.

JB Reunion 2014 160Three of Lesley Tompkins’ sons and Gaige Radar

JB Reunion 2014 162Two of Lesley Tompkins’ sons.

JB Reunion 2014 177Dan and Mary Jane Hyde.   Photo by Dewayne Lowther.

JB Reunion 2014 176John Chase, Maggy and her husband John Brown, Patricia and her husband George Brown.

JB Reunion 2014 175Winnetta Kennedy, Gary McGrew and wife Paula Lowther McGrew

JB Reunion 2014 174Patty Mace Leonard and husband Cordell Leonard, Larry Francis

JB Reunion 2014 173Dewayne Lowther and his wife Ginnie Lowther, Patty Mace Leonard and her husband Cordell Leonard

JB Reunion 2014 172Jamie Williams Fuller, her mom Cleta Fuller, and sister Roxanne Fuller.

JB Reunion 2014 170Susan Sonsini and Evan Rohrbough

JB Reunion 2014 169

JB Reunion 2014 168

JB Reunion 2014 167Joyce Leep and O. Franklin Leep

JB Reunion 2014 166Pam and her husband Tim Jackson, ?

JB Reunion 2014 163Ron Jackson, his brother Raymond Jackson, and Birdie Jackson

JB Reunion 2014 164Ray Clark, Edward Clark, Donna Jackson and her husband Ron.

JB Reunion 2014 165Ray and Birdie Jackson

JB Reunion 2014 171Bob Williams and his wife Jane Hilder, Nancy Jackson and speaker Dr. Mathew W. Lively


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