Tour of Henry Jackson Cemetery

Henry Jackson Cemetery

Notes written by Nancy Jackson


“Henry Jackson had at least 23 children by his two wives — Mary Hyre and Elizabeth Shreves.  Henry first married Mary Hyre 20 May 1800. She died in 1835.  They had 13 children.  In 1836 Henry married Elizabeth Shreves who died in 1887.  They had 10 known children.  Three generations are posted on the Jackson Brigade website.


Only the second wife is interred in this cemetery.  Elizabeth is buried under one of the two coffin-like stones.  Henry is buried under the second coffin-like stone.  The coffin-like tombstones were hauled up the hill to the cemetery by a team of oxen.


Mary Hyre, Henry’s first wife, was first interred in the Old Baptist Church but when the road was built through the cemetery all but two graves were moved to the Heavener Cemetery [in Buckhannon, WV] that we passed by on the way here.  Mary is buried beside her father Jacob Hyre.


Each household has a list of persons interred in the cemetery in their Reunion folder.


Three of Henry’s sons served in the Civil War and they are interred in this cemetery.  They are:


Samuel Dexter Jackson who received the tract of land where Henry built the Yankee style log cabin about 1800.  Marion Orlando Jackson and James H. Alonzo Jackson are the other two Civil War veterans.


Facing the cemetery you can look down to the left and see Doug Bush’s white farmhouse with a white fence.  There is where one room and chimney of Henry’s cabin is part of the house today.  The cabin was built around 1800 according to a note on some papers given to Doug Bush.  If this is the case, Henry and his two families would have lived here.  Henry did have many tracts of land elsewhere.  He was a surveyor and is noted for lawsuits over disputes about the lines of the surveys for Henry Banks.  Henry Jackson had the reputation of not measuring the last line so for years there were lawsuits regarding the lines of various tracts of land.”

John Jackson’s children and where buried

Henry Jackson Cemetery tombstone list 1935

JB Reunion 2014 048View of Henry Jackson Cemetery from dirt road.  You can see several Jackson Brigade Tour members and their cars.

You are close to the top of a knoll with a beautiful view.  As one person put it, “Up here you feel closer to God.”

JB Reunion 2014 049The view down the dirt road from where I took the previous shot of Henry Jackson Cemetery.

JB Reunion 2014 050Walking a few feet out into the field near the dirt road, you can see Doug and Ann Bush’s farm way down in the valley (farm on the right).

One room of Doug and Ann’s house is the cabin that Henry Jackson built around 1800. JB Reunion 2014 Bill Pics 004

Closer view of Doug and Ann Bush’s home.  Picture taken by Bill Jackson.

JB Reunion 2014 Bill Pics 006Even closer view of Doug and Ann Bush’s home.  Picture taken by Bill Jackson.

JB Reunion 2014 051I’m standing at the sign of the Henry Jackson Cemetery and looking back up towards my red Nissan Rogue parked on the dirt road.

JB Reunion 2014 052The sign at the Henry Jackson Cemetery

JB Reunion 2014 054Nancy Jackson describes the cemetery and who is buried here.

JB Reunion 2014 066Our tour group  listens to Nancy.  The 55 people were divided into three groups to give everyone a chance to see things.

While one group was touring Doug and Ann Bush’s home, another group was at the cemetery.

Notice the hill and the cars parked in background.

JB Reunion 2014 067  John Chase and his parents Bruce and Ann Swisher Chase.JB Reunion 2014 065

Larry Francis from the Sophia Jackson line

JB Reunion 2014 064Donna Jackson and Bill JacksonJB Reunion 2014 063

JB Reunion 2014 062

Gary McGrew and his wife Paula, John Chase, and Ginnie Lowther


JB Reunion 2014 068Tombstone for Samuel Dexter Jackson, who fought in the Civil War.

JB Reunion 2014 069

Another Jackson who fought in the Civil War.

JB Reunion 2014 061

Coffin-like tombstone for Henry JacksonJB Reunion 2014 060Coffin-like tombstone for Elizabeth Hyre Jackson

JB Reunion 2014 059Roxanne Fuller, her mom Cleta Fuller, and Roxanne’s sister Jamie William Fuller.

JB Reunion 2014 058

Warren Williams, Winnetta Kennedy, Della WilliamsJB Reunion 2014 057

Cordell Leonard and his wife Patty Mace LeonardJB Reunion 2014 056Dewayne Lowther, Ron Jackson, Steve JacksonJB Reunion 2014 055  JB Reunion 2014 053

JB Reunion 2014 072

Dan Hyde of George Jackson line.  Photo by Mary Jane Hyde.

JB Reunion 2014 070Descendants from John Jackson, Jr.

JB Reunion 2014 071Descendants of Cecilia Jackson Bush Bonnet, daughter of Jacob Jay Jackson, son of John Jackson, Jr.

Gayle Robey pics 05Henry Jackson descendants at his and Elizabeth Hyre’s gravesites.  Photo by Roger Robey.Gayle Robey pics 04Pam Jackson reading Nancy Jackson’s commentary while Roger and Gayle’s group visited the Henry Jackson Cemetery.   Photo by Roger Robey.

Henry Jackson Cemetery Fence 01Picture to show the poor condition of the fence around the Henry Jackson Cemetery.

Hopefully we can erect a new fence that is worthy of the cemetery.


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