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  • I have been researching Jacksons for years. If there is a connetion; let me know:

    David Tyler Jackson (born 1861) Indiana?
    son of Samuel and Elisabeth Jackson
    Samuel born 1809 (Kt or VA)

    Looking for information on Samuel and Elisabeth.
    David’s siblings include: Allen W; Mary; Adaline B; lisa; James W, Thomas….

    Possible sibling of Samuels is John

    Let me know if any of this rings a bell. There has been a family ‘rumor’ that our line is somehow related to Stonewall

  • I’m searching for any information or links to information about the ancestors of James Everett Jackson, Sr., my Paternal grandfather, of Hopewell, Va. & Jackson Farm of Jackson Farm Rd. In Hopewell, in the 1930s-1940s.

    I believe his father’s name was Thomas Jackson, who married a Meyers immigrant of Germany. But family stories indicated that at the age of about 12 yrs., Thomas Jackson was the only family survivor of a fire that destroyed his home, and he had no knowledge of any family members or family history, and no family photos.
    He was adopted (?) by a man who brutally beat him regularly, and eventually Thomas Jackson ran away.

    Any information on where I need to research next would be appreciated.

  • “To the memory of Mary Jackson wife of William King Jackson Obit 16th day of October. A.D. 1813 AEtat 35yrs 6mths 13ds. E. Gomiz Sct”.
    I’m not related with Jackson family. I have a stone & above msg on the stone. Want to know who is Mary & William.

  • Does anyone have an obituary for Catherine “Caty” (Jackson) White who died in Lewis County, WV on 3 Dec 1876? She was the wife of John White and the aunt of Stonewall.

    • Hello Joe,

      I would be interested in seeing an obituary for Catherine White as well. It is my understanding that some ownership of Jackson’s Mill (located near Weston) passed to John and Catherine late in their lives. So they may have been living on the property at the time of their deaths (John on May 1st, 1875 and Catherine on December 3rd, 1876) It follows then, that Catherine’s obituary could easily have appeared in the Weston Democrat at the time of her passing. The “Democrat” was founded in 1867.

      I was hoping that old issues of the Democrat would be archived on-line so that folks like you and I could have access to them. At the moment I don’t think that is the case. However, I did call today and leave a message for Robert Billeter, the Editor and Publisher of the Democrat, believing that he may have information to share with us. I will post again if I make any progress. Please do the same.


      • Great. I’ve been to the Library in the Charleston Capital Building. If memory serves, they did not have the correct years on microfilm for that possible obit. (They did have many years of the Weston Democrat and Republican in the Charleston library.) I know I left without her obit – if it exists. I think I read somewhere that WVU (Morgantown) has those years. I’m passing through that way in a few weeks. Perhaps, I can stop there. Note: I have the obit for her husband, John White. Do you have any need for that?

        And… Rohrbough. That sounds like a good Doddridge/Gilmer/Lewis Co. name. It’s in my White Family records.

        And… They certainly got possession of some of the Mill late in life. She’s my gggg-gma.

  • Is Ella Flora Jackson Greenawalt (1859-1945), lived/buried in Allen County, Indiana part of this family

  • I was just helping my 3rd grade son with his Family Tree project and I came across your website. We are descendants of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins and currently live in Michigan. This is very interesting, and I discovered a few possible errors and omissions (mainly some missing siblings of my family descendants) from my mother’s records. This was the first time I really started to dig into family history and find all the marriages between the Brakes and Jacksons (plus the popularity of the names Jacob, John and Elizabeth) to make it quite confusing.
    Is it through this form that I should submit names of our family members? I haven’t gone completely through this website yet, and I’m not sure how far down our line you already have (Mary Brake and Issaac Post are my great-great grandparents).

  • Several years ago, we had our YDNA test done. We are 37 for 37 match with Charles Jackson, a descendant of William Jackson who married Abigail Gillum in the Salisbury District of North Carolina. Our oldest known ancestor is William P. Jackson and the oldest known record of him is a marriage bond to Jinny Sally found in Marriage Book A, Green County, KY, 1810. Spoken family history says his father was John Jackson, a Revolutionary War soldier from VA. I have never seen any additional information about the family of William who married Abigail. Did he have brothers? Who were his parents?

  • Happy 2015 everyone! My mother has a blue dish with the following hand written note: “Blue translucent, shell shaped dish belonged to mom’s great-grandmother. Mom’s (Nina Blanche Cain Hough) mother’s (Ida M. Wilson Cain) mother (Lydia Jane Pribble) died when mom’s mother was a small child and she was taken by her grandmother to raise and the the dish belonged to her. Amanda Jackson Pribble was captured by Indians when she was a child and was being tied to a tree to be burned up when she was rescued”
    Does anyone have any information on Amanda Jackson Pribble being captured by Indians and her timely rescue? Thank you very much!
    Bob Miller

  • Hello. I am from a direct line from Issac Brake, brother of Elizabeth Brake (Jackson) and Jacob the Indian captive. My mother did extensive work on the Brake line and has it well documented. She is the one who found the article in the Richwood newspaper about Jacob the Indian Captive that you included on your website. It tells the story of what happened to Jacob and his family at that time. I just wondered if you have ever found any other documentation that is proof that that really happened?

  • I am looking for all the information available for David J. Jackson. Son of John Jackson JR.
    Birth 1788 to 1793 death 1842. I know he was probably born in Harrison County, VA. Any information on him would be greatly appreciated.

  • Seeking a copy of an 1839 Chancery File found at generation 6 on Descendants of Sophia Jackson webpage, as noted here:

    “The Heirs of Edward Davis as listed in an 1839 Lewis County West Virginia Chancery File: William Sexton vs. Edward Davis. Heirs: Washington, Julia Ann, Elinor, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Clemanza, Dyurnal, Amanda and Edward. [Nancy Jackson, researcher – Lewis County Order Book 1:93, Fall 1839 case ended]”. This Chancery file most probably involved Joseph/Sophia (Jackson) Davis.

    Since Nancy Jackson researched this document, do you know how I can contact her or whom I may contact to obtain a copy of the above Chancery File!

    I am the Genealogist for Gadsden Chapter Sons of the American Revolution (New Mexico). I am attempting to assist an applicant in researching and proving his lineage, which includes: John Jackson as his Revolutionary War Patriot, and descendants Joseph Davis, Edward Davis and daughter Clemenza Davis [please see Descendant Report below].

    Outline Descendant Report
    1 John Jackson b: 1719 in Coleraine, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, d: 25 Sep 1804 in Clarksburg,
    Virginia, USA
    …… + Elizabeth Cummins b: 08 Jan 1729 in London, London, England, m: 04 Jul 1755 in Cecil,
    Maryland, USA, d: 05 Mar 1826 in Clarksburg, Harrison, West Virginia, USA
    …………2 Sophia Jackson b: 11 Sep 1763 in Howard Lick, Hampshire, Virginia, USA, d: 10 Mar 1836 in
    Turkey Run, Upshur, Virginia, USA
    ………… + Joseph Davis b: 09 May 1757 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, m: 1785 in Virginia, USA, d:
    18 Oct 1832 in Lewis, West Virginia, USA
    ………………3 Edward Davis b: 20 Feb 1797 in Harrison, West Virginia, USA, d: 20 Feb 1837 in Clayton,
    Adams, Illinois, USA
    ……………… + Eleanore Stout b: 1790 in West Virginia, USA, m: 19 Feb 1817 in Harrison, West Virginia,
    USA, d: 15 Aug 1846 in Clayton, Adams, Illinois, USA
    ……………………4 Clemenza Davis b: 22 Nov 1826 in Harrison, West Virginia, USA, d: 09 Oct 1910 in
    Menard, Menard, Texas, USA
    …………………… + Delivan Chadwick b: 1822 in Kentucky, USA, m: 21 Mar 1847 in Adams, Illinois, USA,
    d: 20 Oct 1875 in Burnet, Texas, USA

    Thanks in advance, by-the-way, that is an excellent webpage you maintain!

    Bob Northrup
    1062 Sable Circle, Las Cruces, NM 88001-2384

  • To: Nancy A. Jackson
    Hi my name is Alan Jackson and I believe I am a descendant of John Jackson Jr. through his son David. However I have his middle name as Isaac born n the same place as the David you have. Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated. Also I was wondering why there is none of David’s children are shown on your generation’s page. Please help me if you can. I would love to find out all I can.

    Thanks Alan

  • Hi I am trying to confirm the information I have and connect with all the relatives I can. I belong to Ancestry and have done there DNA. It would be great if you could use it for your program. My dad was Alfred Jackson 1911 to 1969 his dad was Hezekiah Jackson 1882 to 1942 his dad was William Henry Jackson, 1849 to 1912, his dad was Joseph Jackson birth and death unknown, his dad was David Issac Jackson birth and death unknown, his dad was John Jackson Jr 1760 to 1821 and of course his dad was Capt. John Jackson. Can you verify this line for me.

    Thanks Alan Jackson

  • I am trying to get into the Sons of the American Revolution. Was Col. Edward Jackson a soldier DURING the Revolutionary War? His service in 1787, I assume, is easily confirmed, but what about during the War? His grave marker reads VA MILITIA REV WAR, but I can’t find proof in muster rolls, etc. Does the Jackson/Meyers book show for certain that he was?

    • Donna,

      Wikipedia states “R1b* (that is R1b [R-M343] with no subsequent distinguishing SNP mutations) is extremely rare. The only population yet recorded with a definite significant proportion of R1b* are the Kurds of southeastern Kazakhstan with 13%.[7]” Reference:

      Though R1b AND all of it subsequent distinguishing SNP mutations such as subclades R1b1, R1b1a and R1b1b are the most common Y-DNA halogroups in Western Europe, a male who is R1b without any of the mutations is rare. That would explain why Milton is the only Jackson in the R1b halogroup. Not that people in your line are uninterested in genealogy. 🙂

      Now in genetic genealogy, being in a rare Halogroup is good. If a researcher finds another individual in the same rare halogroup, high probability the individuals involved are closely related.

      Hope that helps.

      • Dan,
        Thanks for the info. My comments were a little depressing. My OCD tendencies kick in ever so often. I want concrete proof before I post anything and that isn’t always possible. If Milton’s father had lived 4 more years and gotten his info on the 1850 census, then I would be fussing about one more generation back, lol. I think the problem is that “Elder” was living with a married daughter toward the end of his life and he of course wouldn’t show up as head of household and actually have his name on a census.

  • “Elder” JACKSON and his first wife were born in Maryland. They were in Ohio in 1804 for the birth of Milton. The family then moved to Kentucky in 1806 (unknown county) and stayed there until 1815. They moved to Carter Township, Spencer Co., Indiana in 1815. His wife (Milton’s mother) died in 1818 of “milk sickness.” “Elder” JACKSON married a total of four times and was the father of fifty (yes, 50) children. He eventually moved to Cass County, Illinois, and died about 1846. Unable to pick him up on any census records, land purchases, pension records, etc. Anxious to break through this 30 year “brick wall.”

    Milton B. JACKSON (b 04 Aug 1804) married 17 Dec 1829 Jane SUMNER (b 26 Jan 1811) the daughter of Thomas SUMNER and Nancy GEARE. Milton founded the town of Fulda, Spencer, IN.
    Children JACKSON:
    John (b 22 Nov 1831 – d 15 Nov 1852)
    LaVicy / Vicy (02 May 1832) md (1) 13 Dec 1849 James HARRIS
    (2) 10 Apr 1856 John RINNERT
    Nancy Florence (02 Feb 1834) md (1) 23 Dec 1852 William D/T HARRIS
    (2) 12 Apr 1866 John Hall LYNCH
    Soard (b 16 Oct 1834 – d 10 Mar 1837)
    William C. (b 16 Jun 1836) d 08 Oct 1862 in the battle of Perryville, KY
    James G. (b 16 Jan 1838) md (1) 16 Dec 1858 Elizabeth HUTCHINSON
    (2) 02 Mar 1889 Elizabeth F. (___?) GOLDEN BROWN
    Robert (b 16 Jan 1841 – d 18 Jun 1848)
    Reuben (b 16 Jan 1841 – d 12 Jan 1848)
    Elizabeth G. (b 29 Dec 1843 – d 24 Dec 1850)
    Joel H. (b 04 Feb 1850 – d 11 Sep 1850)

    YET ANOTHER MYSTERY: Who are these men living with James G. and Elizabeth JACKSON in 1860: Greenbery JACKSON (b c1838 IN) and George JACKSON (b c1844 IN).

    Milton’s brother, John G. JACKSON (b c1802) married 21 Jan 1822 Catherine LAMAR (b c1806) the daughter of Elisha LAMAR and Nancy McDANIEL.
    Children JACKSON:
    Milton (c1821) md 16 May 1845 Margaret J. “Peggy” HARRIS
    Elijah Lamar (c1824) md (1) 11 May 1848 Wilmoth COOMBS/COMBS
    (2) Catherine ________ (3) Elizabeth _________
    George (c1826) md 11 Oct 1853 Roselena STEINS
    Elizabeth (c1832) md 25 Sep 1850 Issac W. JEFFERS
    Ruth (c1834) unmarried
    John Harrison (c1835) md 29 Aug 1856 Frances Elizabeth SANDERS
    Esquire Marion (c1838) md 17 February 1861 Elizabeth Rebecca SEAY
    James Riley (c1842)

    Milton’s brother, Jonathan JACKSON (b 01 Apr 1811) married 13 May 1832 Lillah GEAR (b c1804).
    Children JACKSON:
    Thomas William / William Thomas (c1831) md 15 Apr 1851 Elizabeth STEINS/STINES
    John (c1836)

    Also suspect the following families are related and have considerable information in hopes of making a connection.

    Henry G. JACKSON (08 Mar 1798) married (1) 24 May 1827 Nancy McCOY; (2) 09 Dec 1849 Elizabeth (McKINNEY) McCOY (b 16 Feb 1819).
    Children JACKSON:
    Andrew (25 Feb 1830) md 26 Sep 1859 Mary Audrey MEYERS
    Moses (15 Dec 1835) md 07 Mar 1877 America J. GLENN
    Aaron (c1836 – d 13 Oct 1915)
    Mary Eliza (c1838) md 31 Aug 1856 George W. BAILEY
    Elijah (b 10 Mar 1842 – d 29 Apr 1912)

    Rueben JACKSON (c1801) married 20 Nov 1821 Elizabeth CLOYD/LLOYD (c1806)
    Children JACKSON:
    John G. (c1839) md 11 Aug 1861 Selia/Cecelia STINES

    Peter JACKSON (1809) married (1) Elizabeth HEVRON; (2) 04 Aug 1836 Clarrisa YOUNG; (3) 09 Apr 1857 Elizabeth SIGHTS.
    Children JACKSON:
    George W. (c1832)
    Isaiah (c1833) William B. (c1836)
    Susan E. (c1838)
    Mary (Elizabeth?) (c1843)
    Nancy A. (c1846)
    Clarrisa (c1846)
    Robert (c1858)

    Issac W. (Isarell on 1850 Census) JACKSON (c1810) married (1) 12 May 1836 Martha Ann MARTIN (1819); (2) 02 Dec 1855 Mildard/Mildred SUITER (1824).
    Children JACKSON:
    Nancy (c1840)
    Martha (c1842)
    Mary F. (c1845)
    Josephine (c1848)
    Emily F. (c1851)

    Jacob E. JACKSON (c1812) married 15 Dec 1836 Martha YOUNG.
    Children JACKSON:
    Albert (22 Aug 1837) md 22 Dec 1859 Indiana SHOPTAUGH (13 Apr 1837)
    Eleazer “Ely” JACKSON (10 Feb 1839) md 16 Feb 1860 Naomi Ann YOUNG (c1839)

    James J. JACKSON (b 1796) married 24 Dec 1815 Elizabeth WILLIAMS (22 Nov 1799)
    Children JACKSON:
    May/Mary Ann (02 Jun 1817)
    Esther/Easter Jane (22 Sep 1819)
    Greenberry (22 Dec 1821)
    Samuel (10 Jan 1827)
    James (28 Sep 1829)
    Nancy (23 Dec 1837)
    John (1839)
    Elizabeth (21 Jan 1842)
    Louisa (13 Jan 1845)

    Would like to hear from anyone who has JACKSON ancestors in Spencer, Perry, Dubois,or Warrick Counties in Indiana and Cass County, Illinois.

  • Hey Im Jeremy Jackson I’m an m1a2 Abrams crewmen in the u.s. army and I’ve always wanted to know if I am in some sort of way related to stonewall Jackson so if anyone could help me find out that would be great I really don’t have the money to pay please help

    • Jeremy,

      Thanks for your query. Before we can help you determine if you are related to General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, we need information on your Jackson ancestors back say three or four generations. This should include full name, birth date and location, name of spouse, names of children, where they lived (town, county, and state), death date and location.

      If you are new to genealogy and tracing your family history, I suggest you read what we have written on the following webpage “Getting Started in Genealogy.”

      Best regards,
      Dan Hyde

  • I might have some information on John Jay Jackson meeting Chief Justice John Marshall and John may have attended his funeral.

  • Recently, I sent you information regarding my connection to Stonewall Jackson, per your request…I haven’t heard back from you. 🙂 Just wondering what your thoughts were.

  • John I have found a Frances and some other sources have her listed as Nancy? It says she married a William Miller in Mason Co Ky on Aug. 12 1818. I am going to dig around a little to see what I come up with.

    • Michael, thanks for the additional information. I think there are several places where she’s referred to as Frances Emelia Triplett. It’s just possible, though doubtful, that Nancy was a nickname. More likely, it’s an error that simply got repeated. Thanks again.

  • I would like to know why William Lowther Jackson is always called Mudwall. According to the Blue and Grey magazine he is not the real Mudwall Jackson. I have read the real Mudwall Jackson is Alfred E Jackson of Tennessee.

    • Michael–

      Thank you for the interesting question. I’ve been meaning for years to write a little article about the “Mudwall” nickname. While it’s true that Alfred E. Jackson has been referred to as Mudwall, evidence suggests that William L. Jackson had a more-legitimate, though perhaps unwanted, claim to the nickname.

      W. L. was General Stonewall Jackson’s 2nd cousin, while Alfred E. was unrelated; furthermore, the two cousins were born in the same area and during the war often operated in the same area (and W. L. served for a time as a member of Stonewall’s staff). It seems more likely, then, that William, not Alfred, would’ve been given the epithet as a nod to his more-famous cousin.

      I too have read the article that claims to once-and-for-all settle the Mudwall dispute. The writer had very little evidence and had no interest in seeing mine. A search on the phrase “mudwall jackson” on the Library of Congress’s “Chronicling America” site reveals several references to Mudwall Jackson that are clearly about W. L. I have found other such references to him in microfilm searches, and mentions in other primary sources. However, there are also several references in newspapers of the day to Mudwall Jackson that clearly relate to A. E. Jackson.

      Writing on the matter in a 1910 issue of _Confederate Veteran_, M. W. Humphreys stated that W. L. was indeed known as Mudwall but concluded, “But others evidently received the same epithet.” I would agree: There’s no rule that says there could be only one Mudwall Jackson. If there were, however, it would be W. L. that would have the stronger claim to it–though it’s a claim he probably wouldn’t make.

        • Michael, yes, in his biography of William L. Jackson (_On Our Own Soil: William Lowther Jackson and the Civil War in West Virginia’s Mountains_), Ronald V. Hardway mentions that William studied law under John Jay Jackson. If you’re interested, you might look into getting a copy of the book. If I may ask: How are you related to John Jay Jackson?

          • I am a descendant of the man who raised John after his mother and father did not want nothing to do with him. It is told through the family he was first known as Jackson Triplett and he was most likely born in Clarksburg? His mother and my 4th great grandfather was very close. I Have a little bit of John Jay early childhood passed down through the family.

            • Michael, that’s an interesting connection. Yes, I seem to remember reading that John Jay had been called Jack Triplett as a young boy. I was going through some Parkersburg papers on microfilm the other day and ran across a brief death notice for John Jay Jackson’s mother, who was apparently living with her son at the time. The notice referred to her only as “Mrs. Miller.” If you know anything more about what became of Frances, I’m sure many members of the family would be interested.

              • I was told she moved to Kentucky and I really have not found to much about her. Frances was supposed to lived on land that her father was entitled to from serving in the revolution. My 4th great grandfather Hedgeman and his son Sennett 3rd great grandfather both them was said played a role in John Jay younger years. It was told he got some of his military interest from stories about his grandfather Colonel Francis Triplett he served with George Washington and Daniel Morgan in the French and Indian War.He was officer in the French and Indian War under Washington. He was an officer under Gen Morgan in the Revolution War. It was told that Hedgeman gave him a sword that belonged to Francis given him buy congress for his service during the revolutionary was. The sword was given to Francis by congress there is documented proof proof Hedgeman was a Sgt. in the revolutionary war and Sennett was a Sgt. in the war of 1812.He was a blacksmith in the U.S. Light Dragoons and was said to been a superb horseman. It was old that John Jay might of had learned from him at a young age. I will try to find some more information on Frances.

  • My paternal Great Grandmother was the Great Granddaughter of Isaac Jackson who died in Jasper County, Mo. I would like to know the relation of Isaac and Stonewall Jackson. Were they brothers?
    Thanks for your help!

  • I am Chester Pribble’s niece. My great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Permelia Jackson Pribble. Her husband was Hugh Pribble, Sr. She was a sister to Stonewall Jackson’s grandfather.

  • Im looking for my grandfather John Jackson Im not sure if he had a middle name but I know he was born in Los Angeles CA in 1939. He has a sister named Dorethy Jackson. John Jackson and Carmen Ana Rodriguez were married at san juan Navel base in Puerto Rico. I’m not sure on year or date. Due to a fire at the old navel base all records were destroyed. My father was Born on that navel base on March 17th, 1961 and was named Johnny Jackson JR. John Jackson is listed as being 22 years old at the time of my fathers birth. John Jackson Was shipped off 3 months after my father was born. If anyone can please help me out It would be greatly Appreciated. I just would like to know more about that side of the family. Is he even alive? Does he have other children? So many questions…
    -Left Wondering

    • Alison,

      We have no evidence that John Jackson and Andrew Jackson were related.

      When Colonel George Jackson, son of John and Andrew Jackson were in US Congress together, they spoke and tried to identify if they were related. All they could determine was that their two families came from the same region in Ireland.


  • My great grandparents are Sue Newton Cozad and Willam Bauer. Their daughter Mignon Bauer was my grandmother. She married George Howard Broome and their son George Wilbur Broome was my father. Alison

      • Their son John Jackson married Elizabeth Cozad. Their daughter Elizabeth married Enoch Gibson. Their daughter Columbia A. Gibson married George W. Cozad. Their daughter Sue Newton Cozad married William Bauer. Their daughter Mignon married George Howard Broome. Their son George Wilbur Broome was my dad.

        My dad is no longer living but had said “We are related to Stonewall Jackson but I’m not sure how.” Later I found his mother’s D.A.R. papers and found the connection. Exciting 🙂


        • Alison,

          Thanks. We will check to see if your information is in our database.

          Also, you should consider becoming a member of our Jackson Brigade organization. It only cost $20/year and that includes four issues of our Jackson Brigade Quarterly newsletter.

          For Jackson Brigade membership form, click on Membership item on top menu.


    • Hey Linda,
      Happy New Year! Did you ever receive a reply to your post? That information would be of interest to me also. Once the weather is better, I may take a drive up to Shasta County to visit the site. This assumes that the actual location is known. It likely requires a bit of preliminary research.
      Best from Evan

  • We are seeking information on the parents of John Jackson (b. 1715 Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland; d. 25 Sep 1801 Clarksburg, WVA) who married Elizabeth Cummins on 4 July 1755.

    • On the Internet people claim to know the parents of John Jackson but we have not seen any evidence that substantiates the claim.

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